Need help crafting the perfect wording for your Wishing Well cards? We're here with a free guide to putting together the wishing well wording of your dreams that won't make you or your guests feel like cringing.
Asking guests for a gift shouldn't be hard.

We know, it's always awkward to ask for what you want - but in this day and age with couples living together long before the rings get exchanged, the last thing you need is even MORE stuff. By now you and your love will have nearly everything you need and want, and you really don't have to deal with the stress or guilt of having to return double-up gifts.

We've made it easy for you to craft the perfect wedding gift card wording with this handy little PDF guide. With wishing well and gift wording for any situation, you'll find it easy as pie to ask for what you need and want as a wedding gift.

Asking for gifts can feel awkward, but it doesn't have to be weird.
We know, we know, it just feels strange as hell to ask for what you want, and we know you're probably feeling a little bit guilty about asking for gifts - but you don't have to. Guests generally want to celebrate you and your love and give you something to mark such a special event such as your wedding. The only downside is these days, you really don't need another toaster. We've got some tips and tricks to make it easy - and make you feel less odd - about asking for a wedding gift that you'll both appreciate and love.

How do you ask for money instead of a traditional wedding gift?
That's an easy question to answer - with love and kindness. You don't want to come off being rude or entitled, so a lot of couples opt for a super cute poem or heartfelt wishing well wording. Whatever wording you go with, start it off with a line that lets your guests know that it's not a requirement and that the best present is having them there on your wedding day. And don't forget to sign off your gift wording by letting your guests know that you appreciate and love them regardless.

Don't put your gift info on your invitation.
While etiquette is always adapting and changing, one thing is always constant: don't put your gift request on your wedding invitation. Well, at least not on the front of the invite! That's a quick way to make your guests think you're only inviting them for a present. The best way to include a gift suggestion or request in your wedding wording is to pop it on a separate wishing well card, or included on your information card, or printed on the back of your invitation - away from the main details - with any other important info.

The why of the wedding gift is just as important.
If you are asking for a gift of money for your wedding, don't be afraid to include why you're asking - as a guest, it always makes us happy to know that we've helped the lovebirds buy that dream home, or have a mind-blowing experience on their honeymoon, or even purchase a painting that they are in love with that we'll see every time we visit. It brings so much joy to know that as a guest, we helped you and your love achieve a goal and invest in something that will change your lives or make the start of your marriage even better.

No wishing well or gift registry, but want to ask for something specific?
Whether you want to expand your book collection, your wine collection, or even just have some adventures on your honeymoon that you had to cut because of budget, like the above point - just lay it all down! You can ask your guests that in lieu of traditional gifts, they can bring a bottle of their favourite wine or a copy of their favourite book. And there are also wedding travel registry websites you can sign up to, add in experiences you'd love to have, and direct guests there instead and ask them to pick and gift you an activity they'd love for you to experience.

Don't forget to have a gift table set up at the reception.
You want to make it easy for guests to pop their gifts down so they're not carrying them around all night. Make sure you've got a loved one who can collect everything at the end of the night as well, and when you're unwrapping gifts or opening cards, make a list of who gave or got you a present and make sure you mention how much you both loved it when you write their thank you cards. A little appreciation goes a long way.

We don't want gifts, what do we do for gift wording then?
You can ask that guests donate to a specific charity you and your love support in lieu of gifts; you can flat-out state "We love you, no gifts are needed or necessary, just your presence"; whatever works for you. Just don't leave it as a blunt "No gifts" type of message!

Triple-check your details and wording!
It never hurts to get a second and third person to check your wording! You get so used to what you've written that your brain automatically scans the first and last letters of each word, so you may skip any tiny typos just because you've been looking at your wording for too long. So get friends or fam to do a check for you just to be safe.

And that's it! Quick, easy, and not as scary as it looks, right? Right! But as always, if you need a bit of a hand or some suggestions to spice up your wishing well wording, just get in touch. We love to chat and we're always here to help!