Tantalise the tastebuds of your wedding guests with a gorgeous personalised menu! With the option of printing guest names on your wedding menus or just having those delicious dishes displayed, you'll be able to incorporate your unique wedding theme into your table stationery easily with our stunning menu designs.

Let your guests know what culinary delights await them for dinner with a beautiful wedding menu.
Let's face it, nobody wants to be playing the 'what's for dinner' guessing game at any time, least of all at a wedding! Get them excited about your epic wedding feast with one of our beautiful menus. Here's a few reasons why an individual wedding menu is a great idea, and a few things to think about when ordering them.

Individual menus make it easy to see what's being served!
And it ain't just looks, honey. Guests will be able to really ogle your beautiful menus and find out what's coming up on the food front without having to wait their turn for a menu - there's nothing more awkward than sitting at a table of 8 or 10 strangers and playing the waiting game to get a squiz at that single lonely menu on the table.

Wedding menus are a wonderful way to add your wedding theme and style to your tables without too much effort.
They're both functional and beautiful - they'll get your wedding theme and design front and centre on your tables without taking up too much valuable wedding reception real estate. It's as simple as that!

A personalised wedding menu means you won't need placecards as well.
If you're looking to save your wedding budget for the finer things, think about printing your guest names directly on your menus! That way the individual menus double up as a place setting, keep the budget inline and you won't end up cluttering the reception tables.

Adding a guest name to an individual menu also means that it's easier for wedding guests to find their spot.
One of the most important things at the start of your wedding reception is getting your loved ones through the doors and to their spots as quickly as possible so the fun can begin. By adding personalised menus to your order along with one of our fabulous matching seating plans, you'll get your nearest and dearest seated, drooling over your wedding menu, and celebrating with you in no time at all.

Want to include the drink list as well? Consider adding double-sided printing.
By adding double sided printing so you can include the beverages on offer on your wedding menu, you then don't have to worry about organising bar signs or separate drinks lists - it's all on the one card, which is great for both the budget and the styling of your wedding. You won't have to worry about stands, space to put the signs, extra decorations - it's all in one and easy for your guests to find.

When writing your wedding menu wording, don't be scared to pare it back.
Or, you can ask us to! While there's a lot of space on our wedding menus, it's not infinite. So if your venue has given you paragraph long descriptions on the meal, consider breaking it down to the core components.

Something like "Freshly made semolina gnocchi with a rosemary, slow-roasted garlic sauce, traditional roasted chicken and locally made sundried tomatoes, entirely dairy free" would then be "Gnocchi, chicken, sundried tomatoes, rosemary & garlic sauce (DF)" - which is short, sweet, and still includes all the necessary info! And if you're not confident on paring it back yourself, just let us know you need us to trim the fat and we'll work our magic.

The same rule applies to beverages, if you're including them on the menu.
All you need to include is the name of the brand, brewery or vineyard, the name of the beverage or type; you don't necessarily need to include the location it's made in or the particular vintner that made it.

For example, if you've got yourself a fancy little "Los Vasco Cromas Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Gran Reserva, Maximiliano Correa, Chile", you can take that down to "Los Vasco Cromas Cabernet Sauvignon 2018" - your fantastic waitstaff and barstaff will be more than happy to give the finer details and flavour profiles to any guests that ask!

And if you need any help with your wedding menu wording, just sing out.
Hit us up with your menu questions by simply call, email or text!. And if you want a custom design quote for truly unique wedding menus, head to our custom design form or book yourself a consultation for some one-on-one time to work out your dream wedding menu design.