Shopping for wedding or engagement gifts can be stressful - and so can planning a wedding! Give the happy couple a head-start on planning or a beautiful customised gift to use on their big day, or even a stunning keepsake wedding vow print for them to have, hold, and treasure forever.

Wedding gifts and keepsakes to have, hold, and keep wedding memories alive.
Celebrating the engagement of your nearest and dearest is super exciting, and if you're like us you want to cheer them on with a beautiful, personal gift that isn't the same old thing that everyone else will get - after all, how many household items do the happy couple need that they haven't chosen or planned for already? Up your engagement gift and wedding gift game with something truly unique; and here's why one of our wedding gifts is the perfect choice.

Wedding Planners are the perfect engagement gift to give.
Wedding planning can be super overwhelming - after all, it's generally a first time experience for everyone, so it can feel like you're flying blind into a totally different world. So make your loved one's planning journey easy and stress-free by gifting them one of our personalised Wedding Planner & Organisers. We've spent years perfecting and refining our wedding planner, and we don't stop doing so. With over 120 pages of worksheets, information, tips, tricks and knowledge gained from our 20+ years in creating beautiful wedding stationery, it's an absolute font of wedding knowledge and information. Each worksheet is crafted to be easy to use and understand, and will help keep the planning, budget, and vision for your loved one's perfect wedding day on track. And why not pair a wedding planner with our cutest-ever wedding pen set for the perfect gift?

Beautiful and useful wedding keepsakes are always a great idea.
Has your loved one already nabbed themselves one of our epic wedding planners and handy little wedding notebooks? Then gift them something that they can use on their wedding day or for years to come, like a set of vow cards to write their vows in for their ceremony, or a stunning personalised ring dish to keep their rings safe during the ceremony and any time they need to take their rings off afterwards.

Help the happy couple keep a lost loved one close with a piece of memorial jewellery.
Losing one of your nearest and dearest is always hard - especially when you can't fathom them not being there on your wedding day. Gift your engaged couple a memorial pendant or memorial brooch so they can have their loved one close to their heart and with them in spirit as they say I Do - we've got a range of memorial jewellery to suit every style that is delicate, stylish, and subtle.

Celebrate the first anniversary (the Paper Anniversary) with a wedding vow print!
Did you know that each wedding anniversary milestone has a different gift or tradition associated with it? The first year anniversary gift is traditionally paper, to signify new beginnings and the delicacy of a new marriage, and there are so many fantastic ways to give a paper gift - but we've gone for immortalising your wedding vows in a beautiful wedding vow print. Choose from a file you can have printed yourself, or a printed and framed A3 poster with your choice of black, white, or ash wood frame.

Giving the gift of money? Grab one of our beautiful red envelopes to stash it in.
Heading to a Chinese, intercultural or multicultural wedding and need a gorgeous red envelope (or ang pao, ang bao, hong bao, lai see, bao li xi, shugi bukuro or go-shugi)? We've got you covered with two beautiful classic designs - golden peonies and golden lattice! You can even pick up a mixed packed with five of each design, and every pack comes with golden wax seals. Our red envelopes are also designed to fit any denomination of Australian currency in without needing to fold or scrunch it up!

Not sure what to get the happy couple? Go for a digital wedding stationery gift voucher from yours truly.
Quick and easy to buy, and with the option for set values - $25, $50, $100 - or a custom value of your choice, you'll be able to give what you are comfortable with and make your loved one's wedding stationery planning a lot easier with one of our gift cards! Customise it with a little love note from yourself to the happy couple, and either email it to yourself and print it out for them or send it straight to the happy couple. We've made it as simple and stress-free as possible to give the gift of beautiful wedding stationery, and they'll be able to use it on anything in our online store.