Whether you need a stylish wedding sticker to seal your invitation envelopes, or to use on your wedding favours or bombonniere, we've got you covered with our stunning range of ready-to-order wedding sticker designs. Each design is available in 3 different sizes as well!

We've got the perfect wedding stickers for all your needs.
With our carefully curated range of sticker designs that will match any wedding colour theme, wedding style or vibe, you'll be able to add those glorious final touches to your invitation envelopes, your wedding boubonniere or favours, or any other wedding items that could use a little extra somethin' somethin' on them. Here's a few great ideas on what you can use them for!

Add that extra oomph - and seal - to your envelopes.
Our 30mm round wedding stickers are the perfect size for adding a little extra prettiness to any of your wedding stationery envelopes - whether it's an engagement envelope, a save the date envelope, a wedding invite envelope, or even the envelopes for your thank you cards. And why not grab a few extra stickers if you're also ordering some of our stunning wedding party cards or wedding supplier cards, and keep your stunning wedding theme consistent the whole way through?

If you've got favour or bombonniere boxes that need a little prettiness, our 50mm and 65mm round stickers are perfect.
With enough room to pop a small thank you line on there, or even just your names and wedding date, our 50mm and 65mm round wedding stickers are great additions to the boxes or bags your wedding favours are in. They're a lot easier and less stressful than tying ribbon and tags around 100+ boxes, without losing any of your unique wedding style!

The smallest wedding stickers are also great for wedding cake bags.
If you're like us, you want even the smallest detail - like cake bags or boxes for your wedding cake - to be perfectly finished in every way! Our 30mm round stickers are a great way of adding that final touch without breaking the bank.

Most importantly, you don't need to use these stickers for wedding stuff. Use them for everything.
If you want to make your Christmas card envelopes a little more special, or if you're a crafter who makes pretty things, bling up the packaging with one of our beautiful stickers in whatever size works best for you. And, if you're interested in custom branded stickers for your small business, head over to Lala for Business, where we can help take your small business branding to the next level.