Tote bags

Our classic tote bags are perfect to keep all of your wedding planning goodies safe, sound, and in one place - you won't have to worry about double-checking you've got your wedding planner, notebook, pens or other planning bits and bobs when they're all safely stored in our Wedding Stuff tote bag.
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Keep your wedding stuff together with our super-handy tote bag.
There's nothing worse than getting to a vendor or supplier appointment and realising you've left your planner or notebook with the important deets at home - or in another bag! Make your life easy with our Wedding Stuff tote bag. It's also great for a number of other reasons, too; here's why.

Our Wedding Stuff tote bag is 100% guilt free.
We take sustainability pretty seriously, and when it comes to our cotton tote bags we wanted to make sure that the cotton our supplier starts with is fair-trade, sustainably managed and harvested. From there, they only use unbleached cotton to make these sturdy tote bags, and their fabric dying process only uses safe and non-hazardous materials to get us that rich, lush black. So there's no guilty or awkward 'is this sustainable?' moments - you can rest assured it's all above board and guilt free!

We've gone for form AND function, not one or the other.
And if anyone tells you it can either look great or be comfortable and easy to use, they're so wrong! With enough space to stash all of your wedding planning stuff and a good, long wide set of straps, it's comfortable and roomy; and we've kept the design simple and modern so it'll always look good - you won't find a 70's floral horror show here!

Our tote bags are also great for wedding party or wedding guest gifts.
If you want to spoil your wedding crew or wedding guests - especially if you're having a destination wedding and want to gift everyone some handy essentials - our Wedding Stuff tote bag will fit everything you need in it. We've had couples pop comfy thongs, beach towels, sunscreen, mozzie repellent and tasty snacks in there for their destination wedding weekends, brides who've packed it with gifts for their bridesmaids, and couples who've popped in next-day-hangover supplies for their nearest and dearest. The wedding possibilities are endless!

It's a great little addition if you're gifting a wedding planner and organiser.
Buying a planner for a friend? You can choose to go for our amazing wedding planning bundle! Just tick the option for 'All of the above' when you choose the wedding planner you know your loved one will adore, and we'll make sure this fantastic tote bag and all the extra goodies are safe and sound in their epic wedding planner package.