Wedding Supplier Thank You

Thank your favourite wedding suppliers in style with one of our gorgeous wedding supplier or wedding vendor thank you cards - it will absolutely make their day, and if they're anything like us they'll keep that thank you card in the office so it can bring a smile to their face every time they look at it.

Wedding party cards are a small - but mighty - way to show your love and appreciation for your wedding crew.
And we've got so many different ways for you to show your love, too! Here's the rundown on what wedding party cards are, what they can be used for, and what we've got for you to choose from.

Make your wedding party proposal memorable with a stunning card.
If you want to make sure your bridal party members give a resounding YES! to being a part of your wedding crew, make it a bit more special than a quick "Hey, be my bridesmaid" or "You're gonna be my best person, right?" with one of our wedding party cards. Blank inside for you to write a short love note to your besties, supplied with envelopes and in a few different styles to suit every taste, a wedding party card is also perfect to pair with a personalised gift box that you can fill to the brim with any wedding party gifts or accessories you want them to have for your big day.

Thank your wedding party with a card that's a little more personal after your big day.
While you'll have your stunning official wedding thank you cards, sometimes it's nice to go the personal route for the nearest and dearest who stood with you and your love on your wedding day and thank them specifically for the role they fulfilled instead!

We've got a card for every one of your wedding crew, regardless of their role.
From page boys and flower girls to your parents, your partner's parents, your bestie who MC'd for you... we've got a card for everyone! So if you love the idea of a personal touch for thanking those who made your day special, you've got a huge selection to pick and choose from when it comes to wedding party thank you cards.

We've also got wedding vendor cards for your favourite suppliers.
Did your make up artist rock your world? Or was your tailor or outfit designer absolutely phenomenal? Or did you have a stylist, stationer, planner or cake maker that went above and beyond? Let them know your day was absolutely spectacular (along with a little love and thanks) with a wedding vendor card from our range. Even with being in the wedding industry for 20-odd years and counting, every single time we get a thank you from our gorgeous couples we light up like a Christmas tree - it makes our day!

We've got options for all orientations and gender identities.
We promise you won't get frustrated trying to find a card for your nonbinary bridesperson; we want to make sure you can shower everyone in your wedding crew with love, affection and appreciation... And if you've been on our site and socials enough, you know that anything we do is always going to be inclusive!