Guestbook signs

Make it easy for your wedding guests to leave you a little love note at your wedding reception with one of our fantastic guestbook signs! Available in a range of sizes, these signs will let your guests know where your wedding guestbook is with ease so they can leave a message and their best wishes.
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Take the guesswork out of where your wedding guestbook is with a guestbook sign.
One of the greatest things about having a wedding guestbook or wedding signing book is being able to read the messages of love from your nearest and dearest for years after your big day! Here's why having a guestbook sign is worth having along with your guestbook.

Guests won't write a message if they don't know about your guestbook!
Which is the most important reason to make sure your guestbook is easy to find! Even if you have your MC or DJ announce that there's a guestbook, make it as easy as possible for your loved ones to locate it on the night; you don't want them doing a quick peek and missing it. A guestbook sign will always make sure your guests know exactly where that pretty little guestbook is!

If you're doing something a little fancier for your guestbook, you can pop instructions on the sign as well.
We've seen some insanely creative and amazing guestbooks-that-aren't-books over the years, from guests signing pieces of a custom Jenga set or a recording station for voice messages, photobooths to fingerprint trees and a custom paint-by-numbers canvas. Using your guestbook sign to both let your loved ones know where it is, what it is, and how to participate makes life a lot easier for everyone.

Guestbook signs are a great way to keep your theme and design consistent on the night.
If you've got tables set for your guestbook, wishing well, gifts etc and not much else on there, a sweet little guestbook sign that matches your other stationery is a way to add a bit of your unique style without needing to go overboard on decorations - which can add a tonne to the budget!

And if our beautiful online collections aren't quite in tune with your other stationery, we can create the perfect custom signage to match what you've got already - just get in touch with us or fill out our custom design form to get the ball rolling!