Table Numbers

Make it easy for your wedding guests to find their place at the table with our beautiful table numbers in a stunning range of designs and colours to suit every wedding theme or style; you've also got the option to add in small metal or round wooden stands to make displaying them easy as pie!

Make it easy for wedding guests to find their spot with a stunning table number!
You've got your gorgeous seating plan, you've locked in your pretty-as-a-picture menus, now here's a few reasons why also adding table numbers to your on day stationery list is a smart idea!

It'll make it easier for guests to spot their table at a glance.
By ensuring you've got your wedding reception tables clearly marked out with a table number, you won't end up with a bottleneck of guests blocking the thoroughfares trying to figure out where their seat is.

A beautiful table number can help prevent meal mix-ups.
By making sure you've got a table number that's easy to see, not only does it mean your guests will be in the right spot, but your waitstaff will be able to easily get those delicious wedding meals to the right person. You don't want guests mix-and-matching because it's too hard to find their table and possibly ending up with a guest getting something that won't sit well - or worse, end up with an ER trip for the unlucky guest.

It's an easy way of getting your epic wedding style on your tables.
And a wedding table number does it without taking up a huge amount of room too! So it's both practical and perfectly pretty in every way.

We've made displaying table numbers easy by giving you the option of adding in stands.
We're emininently practical people, and we know we hate it when we buy a sign and have to search high and low for a way to display it. So, if you're struggling to find table number stands, we've got you covered. Choose from small metal number stands or round wooden number stands, and then pick your colour! You can choose from gold, silver, rose gold, black or white, or in the case of the wooden table number holders, you can leave it as the natural wood.

Did we say it makes life easier for everyone attending or staffing your wedding?
We're pretty sure we did but we can't help but say it again. Avoid those bottlenecks, make sure your guests get to the right table, and make life easy for your caterers or service staff. And this way you don't have to field the same "Oh, but where am I sitting" question from every single guest when you and your love should be celebrating!

Want a custom table number design? We can do that too!
No matter what you're after, whether its a arched nude acrylic, to etched and frosted acrylic numbers that double as a wedding menu, right through to table numbers in every shape, colour and size, we can create the most spectacular design for you. Just get in touch, book a design consultation, or fill out our handy-dandy custom design quote form and let us know what you're after!