Wishing Well Signs

Don't leave your guests guessing where your wishing well or gift table is, or leave them carrying around a gift all night by making it clear as crystal where they can pop the present with a beautiful wishing well sign!
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Let guests know where they can pop their wedding gifts with a wishing well sign.
There's nothing quite as anxiety-inducing as a wedding guest as having a beautiful gift or cash for their wishing well and not knowing where to safely put it! You don't want to bother the happy couple with a heap of questions, but you DO want to make sure your gift isn't lost or forgotten. So let's make it easy to spot your gift table or wishing well table! Here's a few reasons why our wishing well signs are worth adding to your on day wedding stationery list.

A wishing well sign makes life so much easier for your guests to safely stow their presents to you.
Instead of relying on your MC to announce where the gift table or wishing well is, or having to answer the gift question every five seconds when you're trying to greet and celebrate with your nearest and dearest, a clear wishing well sign on the gifts table makes it super easy for your guests to locate and pop their prezzies down.

Having a centralised gift table with a sign means there's less chance of missing a gift.
Especially since you'll more than likely have a trusted family member, wedding crew or buddy collecting everything at the end of the night to transport back home for you and your love. By having one designated spot - and adequate signage to mark it out - there's less chance of missing something when tired and trying to scan tables to make sure nothing is left behind. And, if by chance something is missed, your venue will realise it's part of your wedding gifts and put it safely aside; it won't get mistaken for rubbish or something similar.

A personalised wishing well sign is a great way of adding in a bit of your unique wedding theme.
By matching your invitation and on day stationery designs, you've got your unique style, wedding theme and wedding colours consistently placed throughout your venues! Not only is a well-placed sign great for information, but it's also good for getting a touch of colour and style in without having to break the budget on decorating.