There's nothing sweeter than being able to read love notes from your guests, many months and years down the line: that's where our stunning custom wedding guestbooks come in. Available in a range of beautiful ready-to-order designs, themes and colours, just pick your design, how many pages you want inside, and how you want us to bind it together. It's really that easy.

So what exactly is a wedding guestbook, and why do you need one?
A wedding guestbook or wedding signing book is what you could call a wedding time capsule, really. It's where your guests can write you and your love a note on the night, or pop in photobooth pictures, or even add in advice and words of support for your happy marriage. And here's a few reasons why it's worth investing in a custom wedding guestbook.

A wedding guestbook is an amazing way of preserving a whole lotta love.
Your nearest and dearest will be writing down well wishes, love notes, words of support and handy marriage advice on your wedding day in this little beauty - and there's always going to be at least one guest who writes you the most magical novel of how much they love you and how happy they are for you. This makes for a great pick-me-up in years to come when you need it - just pop back and read all those beautiful words of love and encouragement for an instant mood boost.

If you're after an interactive wedding keepsake, a signing book is perfect.
Your guests of all ages and backgrounds will have no issues interacting with a guestbook - just make sure there are plenty of pens and a matching guestbook sign so they know where it is, and let them at it! No need for detailed instructions, or having someone on standby to show the older crowd how to use it; it's easy as pie. And who doesn't love a good book, are we right?

It's a stress-free and unobtrusive way to find out who was there on the night.
Which makes getting your thank you cards organised super easy! And you and your love will be so swept away in the celebrations, so having a personalised guestbook to look back at and trigger a few memories will definitely help.

A custom guestbook is an amazing wedding keepsake in general.
We really can't stress enough just how fantastic it is to be able to go back and re-read those love notes from your nearest and dearest. For days, months, and years down the track you'll find yourselves going back to your personalised wedding guestbook and re-reading every adoring message, laughing at any bad jokes, and turning to each other and saying "Remember when..." about everything that happened at your wedding reception. Just for the love and memories alone, investing in a wedding guestbook is absolutely worth it.