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Welcome your nearest and dearest to your wedding and let them know they're in the right place to celebrate you and your love with one of our beautiful Welcome Signs. Available in a huge range of colours and designs to suit every wedding style and theme, you'll find your perfect wedding welcome sign right here.
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A gorgeous wedding welcome sign is always a good idea.
Not only are they a magnficent way to add in your beautiful stationery design into your wedding on-day decor, but they'll also let your guests know they're in the right place - amongst other reasons for having a welcome sign! Here's the low-down on why a welcome sign is always a great investment.

Your guests will know they're in the right place when they see your welcome sign.
You definitely don't want a wedding guest running in at the last minute when you're making your grand entrance because they couldn't find the right spot - and you don't want them crashing other weddings in the meantime if you're at a venue that is large enough to run multiple functions on the same day. So make it easy for them to be in the right spot for your ceremony or reception with a welcome sign with your names on it.

A wedding welcome sign is a beautiful way to show a little love to your guests.
You don't have to put a whole sonnet on there, but as you can see in some of our beautiful designs a quick line like 'We're so glad you're here' or 'We can't wait to celebrate you' is more than enough to give your guests a serious case of the warm and fuzzies! Acknowledging them in what you might think is a super small way actually means the world - and for a celebration of love, it's a great way to start the festivities.

Beautiful signage is a great way to add in your stationery design and wedding theme.
A stunning welcome sign is a great way to showcase your wedding theme without breaking the budget - it's going to give your nearest and dearest the first glimpse of how gorgeous your big day is going to be and really get the mood right from the get-go.

You can have a welcome sign for each part of your wedding day.
It's never a case of having to decide if you're only getting a welcome sign for your ceremony or for your reception! With multiple size options and shapes to choose from, you can have a gorgeous welcome sign for each stage of your wedding day. Or, if you're a bit more budget-conscious, choose wording that's a bit more generic - think 'welcome to our wedding' instead of 'welcome to our reception' - and have a trusted friend or your wedding planner make sure your welcome sign is in the right spot for the ceremony and then moved to your reception location.

You can create a beautiful layout by pairing your welcome sign with other signage.
If you're wanting guests to be present in the moment as you say I Do, why not display your welcome sign along with a gorgeous unplugged wedding sign, and then at the reception displaying it - or a second welcome sign - along with your seating plan?

Speaking of welcome sign and seating plan duos, if you're after something a bit more special, get in touch and chat to us about all the options on offer. We especially love creating beautiful signage sets like Chloe & Matthew's trio or Tyler & Cam's duo. And don't hesitate to stalk us on the 'gram to check out stunners like Dani & Mitch's Hey Lover set and more!