Unplugged Ceremony Signs

Make sure your guests are celebrating and present in the moment with you and your love as you say "I Do" with one of our beautiful Unplugged wedding signs! It's a sweet, quick and kind way to let guests know to put down the phone and enjoy your wedding day instead of missing the magic moments.
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Get your nearest and dearest to put their phones and cameras away in style!
And not just in style, but without offending anyone. Our stunning unplugged ceremony signs will let your guests know that your vows are off-limits for them to play amateur photographer at - kindly but firmly. Here's why we think an unplugged ceremony sign is always a must-have!

An unplugged sign does the asking for you, so you don't have to delay the vows.
Instead of relying on your celebrant to announce that you don't want phones or cameras on and out during the most important part of your wedding day, choose to go for an unplugged wedding sign instead. It can be displayed at the entrance to your venue - or in multiple spots if you know your loved ones are particularly camera happy - so your guests are aware from the outset that it's a no-device rule.

Having an unplugged ceremony message makes your photographer and videographer's lives easier.
They'll be able to move in and around and capture the truly magical and joyful moments during your wedding ceremony as your guests would have put everything away before entering. And, it also gives them that extra little bit of authority to reinforce that it's a no-phone situation for any guest who doesn't read the sign!

An unplugged sign is another way to show your love for your guests.
By reinforcing that you want your loved ones to be there and present in the moment with you as you exchange vows and pop those rings on, you're telling them that there is nothing more important to you and your love than having them be an active witness and an active part of your wedding day. It's a sneaky little way of adding in appreciation and making your guests feel valued.

Going unplugged means less distraction for you both.
Seriously, who wants to be constantly interrupted by flashes and images of phones in hands, lurking in your peripheral vision when you're trying to tell your other half just how much you love them? Nobody, that's who! And all those extra flashing lights will more than likely give you a bit of a headache afterwards. You've got enough to worry about leading up to your wedding day and on the day itself, so make the stress a little less (and the headahce too!) by investing in an unplugged wedding sign.

An unplugged wedding sign helps preserve privacy for you and your guests.
Some of us aren't 100% comfortable with having our photos splashed all over socials by random wedding guests - whether you're the newlyweds or guests. And at the end of the day, it's the newlywed's right to be the first to post wedding photos on social media or online as they see fit; by going unplugged, you're making sure that you'll be the ones giving everyone the first peek at your wedding photos, and you'll also be ensuring that your more private loved ones aren't left feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable. Win-win situation, in our books.

Another bonus of an unplugged wedding creating a bit more privacy means that your wedding day is going to feel a lot more intimate, connected, and joyful; whether you have 5 or 500 guests, an unplugged sign and policy on your wedding day means that there's less time spent posing for selfies and more time spent on celebrating with the people you love most!