Wedding Vow Cards

Exchange vows in style with our perfectly pretty and pretty practical wedding vow card sets. With designs, colours and styles to suit every wedding theme or wedding vibe, our beautiful vow cards will keep your words of love and commitment safe... And look spectacular in photos too!
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Say "I Do" in style with our gorgeous vow card sets.
One of the last things you want immortalised in your wedding photos is you and your love holding worn, scrappy pieces of paper while you're exchanging your vows - and honestly, your words of love, commitment and adoration to each other deserve better! Keep your wedding vows on point with one of our beautiful vow cards - and here's a few handy details about why our wedding vow cards are always a good idea.

Wedding vow cards aren't just for the aesthetic - they're pretty AND practical.
Yup, it's 100% true - the best thing about our wedding vow cards isn't their pretty design, it's that they're super practical! We've left the inside of the card blank so you can write your vows directly on them, or even print them out and stick them in without worrying about covering anything up; and because everything is in the one place, you won't have to worry about having notecards being lost or moved out of order. Simple, practical, and pretty.

We've got a design to suit every style and taste.
From modern and minimalistic to gorgeous draping florals and back again, we've got a style, colour, or design to suit every taste, making picking the perfect custom wedding vow card a breeze.

Our wedding vow cards are not just perfect for on your wedding day, but forever.
Once you've exchanged vows and rings, keep your vow cards safe and store them with your wedding album! Your wedding vow cards make for a beautiful keepsake - you'll be going back to them for years to come to re-read the heartwarming, loving vows you wrote to your other half and vice versa.

Wedding vow cards make for a great gift, as well.
If you're not the one getting hitched, but your loved one is, our wedding vow cards make for a beautiful gift before their big day! Couples spend so much time making sure every detail and element is perfect for their guests, so gifting them with something like custom vow cards that they might not have thought of organising for themselves is a wonderful little present that helps with the wedding planning stress: it's one less thing they'll worry about the day before their wedding!