Here's a small feast for your eyes of our previous custom wedding stationery work; we can and will create anything your heart desires! So if you're after a truly unique, bespoke wedding invitation design that's tailored to you and your love perfectly, click that lil' ol' Get A Quote button and let's talk custom invitations!

We love creating custom, unique wedding stationery. It's kind of our thing!
From our very first days as Lala Design and our tiny little retail shop in Leederville to now being Paper & Ink Studio and being in a warm, intimate studio space, we've been creating truly spectacular and unique custom wedding stationery for couples who want a bespoke design for over 20 years. This gallery contains a selection of our custom work, and you'll always find great sneak peeks on our Instagram! We've also popped some great tips on starting your custom wedding design journey with us below.

Find some wedding stationery examples that you and your love adore.
This could be a moodboard on Pinterest , where we've also got some great themes to get you started. It could also be a case of saving your favourite images of custom wedding invitation designs, stalking the 'gram, or even just a quick Google search - always include the colours, and wedding invitations in your search phrase to get the right pics coming up. Once you've found your inspo pics, you'll want to think about the specific things that you love about those images. Is it the wedding colour theme or invitation shape? Do you like the fonts? Is it the print style you love most, like foiling or letterpress? Once you've narrowed down what you love, you can make a list of what you need, what you want, and what would be icing on the cake to have if your wedding budget allows - which brings us to the next step.

Set your budget from the start - minimum AND maximum limits.
With custom work, you're going to be investing a bit more than if you picked a ready-made design from our gorgeous online collections or if you go for a mass-produced design from Etsy or large printing sites. Easiest way to get a rough price is to do a quick online search and compare low, middle and high-end stationer's prices, or even easier - grab a custom design quote online from us!

Once you know roughly what to expect what your investment price will be, set that as your budget and allow a variation of 25-30%; if your numbers decrease or increase, or you need to add extra bits and bobs in, you want to make sure that's allowed for as much as possible. And when it comes time for quoting, ask your stationer to include options so you can compare the price of just digital printing versus foiling, or that super thick card versus standard card weights.

Communication is key when it comes to bespoke wedding invitations.
From the start, be open and upfront about what you want and need, and even what you don't like: for example, a card option could feel awful - ask to see some other options instead. Creating custom work is so much easier when we can chat and talk about everything. Sometimes an idea isn't going to work for a specific finish or design or even material; the more you communicate about what you want, the more we can show you some clever solutions to get the look you're after.

This obviously goes both ways as well - we pride ourselves on being open, honest, and quick to reply, so if your stationer takes more than 48 hours to reply to your enquiries that's a sign to keep looking. We'll never leave you second-guessing anything, and we always keep in touch. If we feel that there's a better way to get the effect you want that's more budget friendly, or will make the design perfect, we'll talk to you about it and let you know what your options are.

If you add items in or want to change something up and there are extra costs involved, we'll tell you! In fact, we won't go ahead until we've discussed any additional pricing with you and you've confirmed it; we never want you kept in the dark! And we're always happy to go through the pros and cons of different styles, shapes, finishes and materials as well because if it matters to you, it matters to us, and we want your wedding invitations to be perfect in every single way.

Don't be scared to be your authentic self with your wedding designs.
From invitations to venue to the wedding threads you and your love pick, be unapologetically YOU. That's what we're here for - to make sure that every single part of your wedding stationery reflects you, your partner, and your unique, magical, wonderful selves. After all, this party is about the two of you - not everyone else - so do what makes your heart happy.

Do you want Gameboy themed wedding invitations in blushing pinks with gold foil? We can do that! Do you want to make your on day items to be fluoro colours? We can do that! Whatever your heart desires, we're totally up for it. We've seen so many cases where loved ones try and convince the happy couple to go for a style or design that isn't what the couple wants, likes, or loves - and it makes the wedding something to be endured instead of something to be celebrated. Be your authentic selves, go for what you and your love want for your wedding.

Get the ball rolling for your custom wedding stationery sooner, rather than later.
There's no 'too early' issue when it comes to custom work: you want to make sure you've got as much time as possible to have your custom wedding designs made as perfect as possible. Get started with booking a consultation with us, either in our comfy studio or via video call; grab a custom quote, or get in touch with a quick email or phone call!

We can't wait to work with you and create your dream bespoke wedding stationery.