Shaped Invitation Sets

Shaped Invitation Sets

Take your wedding invitations to the next level by choosing one of our beautiful shaped invitation sets. With carefully curated shapes and colours to suit every wedding theme and colour scheme, we've got your perfect shaped invitation match!

Give your wedding invitations that wow factor with a shaped invite set!
If you're looking to add a bit of oomph - and get a lot of compliments from your guests - choosing a shaped wedding invitation set can really elevate your stationery game! Here's the finer details on what shaped sets are and why they're so darn cool.

A shaped invitation is exactly what it says on the tin.
There's nothing else to it; no deeper details than that. A shaped invitation set is where each piece of your wedding invitation suite has been diecut to a shape that isn't just a standard rectangle - we've got arches, wiggle and wave edges, rounded corners, smooth arcs and half circles, diamonds and double arch or oval/pill shapes.

Each set has carefully curated shapes, making your life easy when it comes to choosing!
We've spent a lot of time making sure every part of our shaped invitation sets work - kind of like a wonderful jigsaw puzzle! Each shaped card of your wedding invite set is designed to work with all the other parts, giving you a beautifully finished, super tactile and exciting wedding invitation design.

We've got multi-card combinations to suit every wedding invitation need.
No matter how much info you need to include with your wedding invitations, we've got options to suit every need and budget. If you're just after a set that has the invitation and an information card, you'll love our bright and bold Hey Lover or super elegant Milan sets. And if you want that plus a little name tag, look no further than our Berlin and Seoul sets, with curves in all the right places. And finally, if you need the whole kit and kaboodle with multiple cards to cover RSVP, Wishing Well, Info and all other tiny details, check out our gorgeous Oslo or Paris sets.

Our shaped sets have stunning colour palettes already worked out for you.
With something to suit everyone, our shaped sets have beautiful colours that work together for every wedding theme or wedding colour scheme. Our Cities sets - Paris, Berlin, Milan, Oslo and Seoul - have five different on-trend colour schemes to choose from, and our Hey Lover design is bright, bubbly, and dramatic with berry pinks, plum purples and burnt oranges.

We can create custom shaped wedding invitations as well, just FYI!
We love love LOVE creating custom designs for our glorious couples, and that applies to custom shapes! Just get in touch, book a design consultation, or fill out our handy-dandy custom design quote form and let us know what you're after. Bonus points if you have inspo pics of what you're thinking!