Memorial Jewellery

Keep your loved ones close to your heart on your wedding day with one of our beautiful memorial photo pins or memorial photo pendants. Choose from one - or multiple - of our carefully selected memorial jewellery pieces and upload your best photo of your lost loved one, and we'll get to making you a stunning keepsake to keep them with you in heart and spirit once you've placed your order. It's really that easy.

It's never easy celebrating your wedding without your loved one with you.
Not being able to share the excitement, love and joy is heartbreaking, and knowing that such an important person can't be there on your wedding day? Shattering. But you can keep them close to your heart - and to you! - on your wedding day with one of our memorial pins or memorial pendants. Here's a few ways on how to keep the spirit of your loved one alive on your wedding day.

Our memorial pendants can be worn or tied somewhere discreet.
Our Modern Oval, Copper Oval, Rectangle and Crystal Round memorial pendants are perfect for sliding on to a chain to wear, or more commonly our beautiful couples tie one of these stunning pendants on to a ribbon to tie to their bouquets, around a memorial candle's holder or base, and in a few cases, to their stefania (Greek Orthodox wedding crowns) or chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy).

Memorial pins make a beautiful addition to boutonnieres and bouquets as well.
With a simple brooch closure on the back, our memorial pins like our Crystal Oval, Brogue and Lace designs are easy to attach to the ribbon on your bouquet, on the lapel of a suit jacket, or to the groom's buttonhole arrangement (or boutonniere) - you can keep your lost loved one close to your heart the whole day.

Wearing memorial jewellery isn't the only option.
Our Amore design has a flat back, making it perfect for adhering it directly to a memorial candle, memorial sign or other item. A simple glue dot, bit of double-sided tape or even a dab of hot glue will keep it safe and secure.

Memorial jewellery is perfect if you're more of a private couple.
There's no real wrong or incorrect way to grieve or remember your loved ones - it's a personal thing, for sure! So for couples who want to keep a reminder of their loved ones with them on their wedding day without dedicating a table or putting up signage, having a piece of memorial jewellery is the perfect way to keep your loved one close without putting it all out there for display. Our pieces are small - but not too small! - delicate, and discreet.

Memorial jewellery isn't just for mourning lost human loved ones.
We've created countless memorial jewellery keepsakes for couples for their fur babies, as well; beloved pets of every stripe, fur, feather, spot or scale that the newlyweds loved and raised, that were part of their family as they journeyed from dating to marriage. There's absolutely no judgement here on it either - we're all avid animal lovers with a stable of beloved cats, dogs, and birds.

You don't have to be getting married to buy one of our memorial jewellery pieces.
You might be surprised to know that we've been asked if it matters that it's being bought as a treasured keepsake instead of a wedding item; and in case you were secretely wondering if it does matter, it's a resounding no from us! It doesn't matter at all - our beautiful memorial jewellery is here to create a keepsake for you of your loved one, no matter the time, circumstance, event or place.