If you're the type of person that loves making notes and having them in one safe place, our range of beautiful custom notebooks is your perfect match! Choose from a wide range of colours and designs, and nab yourself the prettiest wedding notebook for all of your wedding planning note-taking needs.
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Stay organised and on track with a personalised hardcover notebook.
Keeping on track with wedding planning is a lot easier and a lot more fun when you've got a personalised notebook with your name on it. Here's why our little notebooks are a great thing to have on hand!

Notebooks that are as unique as you are.
With designs to suit every taste, style, and favourite colour, our notebooks aren't the usual mass-produced ones you can find anywhere and everywhere! Personalised with your name and, if you want, your choice of text or quote, these A5 sized notebooks, while compact, pack a great design punch.

Our notebooks are cruelty free and eco-friendly.
As a wedding stationer, we believe in making the smallest impact we can on our ecosystem and we are staunchly cruelty-free with all of our products. Our notebooks are bound with vegan leather that's silky soft to touch, and every inch is made from recycled and sustainable stock - from the lovely thick pages inside that are a pleasure to write on, to the printed vinyl sticker that we use to personalise your notebook with. And the best part? It's all compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Even the vinyl sticker is!

Custom notebooks without the massive price tag.
We've kept the price for your name notebook as low as possible - so many companies charge an arm and a leg for a custom notebook, but weddings are expensive enough as it is!

It's the perfect little somethin' somethin' when you're not sure what to give as a gift.
Let's face it, who doesn't love having a personalised item given to them as a gift? Our notebooks aren't just for wedding planning; they're customisable for any purpose. They're the perfect notebook gift for your friends who love to stay organised, a great idea for your loved ones who are writers, and also perfect if you're a journaler who likes their notebooks beautiful, bright, and compact.