Make it easy for your guests to find their seat at the table with a personalised placecard! Also called a name card, seating card, or in the US an escort card (which sounds a bit suss here in Aus!) our beautiful placecards will add your unique wedding style to your reception tables and place settings.
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Helping your wedding guests find their seat has never been so easy!
With our stunning range of placecards, your nearest and dearest will find their spot at the table in record speeds, giving them and you more time to celebrate your wedding day together. Here's a few great reasons to incorporate placecards into your wedding on day stationery list.

We've said it before and we'll say it again; it helps guests find the right spot.
Once your stunning seating plan gets your guests to the correct table, a personalised placecard with their name on it will make sure they're in the right seat. Which is super handy if you've got a few guests with the same name at the table - just include their surname on the placecard or their surname's initial.

Placecards help make sure the right guest gets the right meal.
While your venue's waitstaff will always do the best possible job to make sure your loved one with dietary requirements gets the correct meal, a placecard makes their job a lot easier - they'll probably have the seating list printed out and back-of-house, but helping them when they're on the floor delivering deliciousness is that little extra somethin' somethin' that rules out any possible mix-ups.

Name cards are fantastic when you've got a table of semi-strangers!
There's nothing more awkward than meeting a new friend at a wedding - it's the first time you've met this new buddy, but ahhh! You're forgetting their name! A placecard rules that awkwardness out entirely; just one quick sideways glance at their name card and you'll be besties by the end of the night - without stuffing up their name.

Including placecards on your reception tables takes your styling game to the next level.
It adds an extra oomph, a little bit more formality or elegance; and it's a great way of getting your wedding stationery colour, style and design on the tables without taking up too much space. So not only does a placecard add extra class, it'll add extra prettiness too without breaking the bank.

But, if you want to really streamline everything, why not think about a personalised menu instead? With both food and guest names on there, you'll still make a statement and keep those tables clean.