Ring Dishes

Keep your wedding rings safe and secure with one of our beautiful custom ring dishes. Our ceramic ring dishes are the perfect place to stash your wedding bling when you're not wearing them, and they look beautiful doing it. Choose from a stunning matte black dish or a traditional white dish, pick your style and foil colour, and go - it's really that easy!

The sweetest ceramic ring dish to keep your wedding rings safe.
A custom ceramic ring dish is not only a pretty bit of decor, it also makes for a great storage option when you've got to take your wedding rings off - and an even better keepsake! Here's a few tips on why ours rock for your wedding rocks, and other great uses for them.

You'll always know where your wedding rings are with one of our ring dishes.
There's nothing worse than the feeling of forgetting where you've put your wedding rings after you've taken them off to do something messy! Keep them in sight and safe - just pop a ring dish next to the spot you know you'll have to remove your rings. You'll be able to backtrack and find them in no time.

Planning on never removing your rings? A ring dish is a great photo prop for your big day.
We can't count the amount of times our gorgeous couples have sent us some snaps from the getting-ready stage of their wedding day, with their beautiful rings in one of our ring dishes! We love seeing them, and a custom ring dish makes it super easy for your photographer to style your rings as part of the preparation shots while you and your wedding crew are getting ready.

A custom ring dish makes for a gorgeous present or keepsake for your engaged nearest and dearest.
If you're trying to find the perfect little gift or keepsake for the couple who have planned everything out already, our ring dishes - together with our Bling Bestie jewellery cleaning pen is the perfect present.

They're not just for wedding rings - our custom ring dishes are great for all jewellery.
And they're great for spoiling yourself with - got a penchant for tiny stud earrings? Store and find them easily with a ring dish! Have a delicate threaded bracelet that you know will get tangled up in a jewellery box? Keep it safe and away from tangles and breaks in one of our ring dishes. One of our crew displays a collection of tiny dinosaurs and crystals in hers - all gifts from her niece, so our ring dishes are also great for displaying the teeniest of knick-knacks.

We've got 2 styles, 2 ring dish colours, and a multitude of foil options to suit everyone.
Our bold traditional Hera range of ring dishes and our gorgeous modern Town range with it's slightly retro twist are the perfect balance of elegant, strong, and fun - and won't clash with any decor or style. Choose from a wide-brimmed white ceramic ring dish or a clean-lined matte black ceramic ring dish, and then customise it with your choice of white, black, gold, rose gold or silver foil initials in your favourite style. It'll suit anything and everything.