In Loving Memory Signs

In Loving Memory or Memorial Signs are a beautiful way to honour a lost loved one on your wedding day, either as part of a memorial table or on it's own as part of your wedding reception decor and styling. We've taken the heartache out of creating an In Loving Memory sign for you with our range of ready-to-order memorial signs for your wedding day.
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Keep the memory of your loved one alive and with you on your wedding day.
Wedding memorial signs are the perfect way to include one of your loved ones who has passed before being able to celebrate your wedding with you; instead of being an out-of-place, showy memorial, an in loving memory sign or wish you were here sign is subtle, elegant, and a loving way to keep their memory alive on the most important day of your life together. Here's a few tips and tricks on picking and displaying the perfect wedding memorial sign.

Location - and timing - is everything when displaying your wedding memorial sign.
It's entirely up to you and your love as to where and when it's most important to you both to acknowledge those who have passed, during your wedding day. If you are having a wedding ceremony that's religious or spiritual, you might feel it's best to include the memorial sign during your ceremony -either close to you during the vows, or staged on a small table or display as guests enter - and have your officiant include your loved ones in their final wedding blessing. Or you might prefer to have a dedicated wedding memorial table at your reception instead, with memorial candles and a few photographs of your lost loved ones displayed along with the sign.

Whatever you choose for when and where it's displayed, the only and best advice we can give is to really think on and choose the time and spot that will mean the most to you and your love; what will make you feel like you've honoured your loved one in a way that brings you peace and joy.

Consider the size and material you want to use for your memorial sign.
We generally recommend smaller sizes for our In Loving Memory signs, such as A3, A4 or A5; this makes them easier to transport, style, or store away; but it's entirely up to you and what you feel will work best with your wedding venue and wedding styling or decor.

Another important factor to help decide the size or material you want is this: what are you going to do with the sign afterwards? Are you going to throw it away, or are you going to store it with your other wedding keepsakes? Are you going to frame or display it in your home? If you're storing your memorial sign, we recommend choosing the board option so it stays sturdy and solid through the years. If you're going to frame and display it, the poster option might be the best choice, so you don't have to look for super deep frames to fit a board into.

Language is key in crafting your wedding memory sign wording.
We're not going to force toxic positivity on you - while we're all love-struck romantic optimists, we know that losing a loved one is bittersweet, and getting married without them there to cheer you on can be heartbreaking. But instead of focusing on the loss and grief, acknowledge that you miss them and wish they were here, but keep your focus on love! That's what they wanted for you, that's what you're celebrating on your wedding day, and they wouldn't want your happiest day to be eclipsed by sorrow - if they could, they'd be there celebrating you and your love. Keep it short, sweet, and as upbeat as you can manage.

If you're stuck for wording for your memorial sign, though, we've got you covered. Head over to our Memorial Wording to grab our free, super handy memorial sign wording template with memorial poem and quote examples, or reach out for a bit of friendly advice and help to craft your perfect memorial wording.