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Themed Wedding Stationery for every unique wedding.

Themed weddings are an absolute blast - but too often, unique, nerdy or quirky wedding stationery just doesn't match the quality, fun, or brilliance of the event. We've solved that problem by making unique and geeky wedding themed invitations elegant, stylish and beautiful.

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Your themed wedding can be luxe, sophisticated and next-level!
Most people think that because you're having a themed wedding that's a little offbeat, you've got to sacrifice the good stuff and DIY it to get close to the look you want. But who has time for that? Let us make your life easy with our ready-made themed wedding stationery or a custom wedding stationery set that suits you and your love's unique, offbeat, quirky or geeky passions to a T. Here's how to get that boss-level look and make your wedding end game spectacular.

Throw out any thought that themed wedding invitations won't be pretty.
We've turned taking wedding themes and making them couture into an artform; while most of our unique wedding invitation work is truly custom, we're building up our ready-to-order collections slowly and surely to make sure we have something to suit every interest. If you and your soulmate are lovers of the night sky, start with our Celestial or Written In The Stars designs. If you and your love are water babies who can't stay away from the ocean, then Waterside is the perfect beach themed wedding match for you.

Decide on your theme, and stick to it!
If you're going for a gamer extravaganza, pick your game and key elements you want to show off throughout your wedding stationery and wedding theme - our gorgeous couple Brooke and Matt are avid Legend of Zelda lovers, so we stuck to rich forest green, burgundy and navy to include Link's tunic colours and then festooned their invitations, on-day items and signage with Silent Princess lilies, rupees, Hylian writing and crests, and tiny little hidden koroks - 26, to be precise, to mark the date they met!

Pick what the overarching constant will be and use that as framework for every part of your unique wedding stationery - whether it's a colour, a graphic element or motif, or even just the fonts used.

You don't have to go all-out on the theme if you don't want to.
Take our gorgeous couple Roxanne & Anthony, for example - if we didn't tell you, you wouldn't know that in amongst their stunning florals we've hidden details from their favourite games, books, and movies! While it looks like a standard pretty floral theme, across their entire wedding stationery set, we've hidden the Stargate's carat detail, Horizon: Zero Dawn's Cauldron XI marker and Nora Tribe details, the Death Star, Ready: Player One's keys, the eponymous cornetto from Shaun of the Dead, as well as using some key phrases from BioShock: Infinite to get guests to RSVP! Just like Rox & Anthony, their beautiful stationery was elegant, vibrant and welcoming, with a sweet, dry wit.

And Althea & Brash's nod to their shared love of Beauty & The Beast came out in the delicate rose pattern on their stationery - you wouldn't have guessed it was all from an animated movie, would you?

But, if you want to go all-out, that's perfectly fine too!
We couldn't get enough of one of our favourite couples, Ken & Adrian, and their circus themed invitations, signage, and on-day accessories, and we loved every second of going down the rabbit hole with Claire & Philip for their Alice in Wonderland stationery. And Taylah & Daniel's Dungeons & Dragons stationery was absolutely magical! We've created themed wedding invitations for every fandom and then some, and we'll do it again and again with joy!

A theme wedding doesn't always mean gamer or book wedding.
It can also cover wedding themes where the happy couple were celebrating their heritage and background, like Emilia & Colin's Greek and Italian wedding, Chiara & John's Sicilian and New Zealand wedding, or Xinlan & Zheng's Cantonese wedding or the stunning pastel set for Indira & Dev's Indian wedding in our custom design gallery; it can be a stunning artwork like Kealan & Robbie's artistic, painted wedding or even a throwback to retro lollies like Sara's Sugar Hearts and Em & Kai's Fruit Tingle-inspired colour palette. We've even created something our happy couple called "gothtanical"- gothic and botanical - for their save the date cards. There's no wrong way to have a theme, and there's no wrong wedding theme to have!

Bring your unique wedding theme to life with our help.
Stalk our socials for some inspo on Pinterest and Instagram, fulfil your quest by getting a custom quote, or start the encounter by booking a consultation, either in the studio or by video call - we can't wait to adventure with you!