About Paper & Ink Studio


We’re all about exceptional quality, cleverly creative solutions, amazing service –
making sure we're giving our clients an easy and magical experience.

The Paper +Ink team love to create wonderful designs, perfect prints and stunning wedding stationery for our beautiful couples and clients. To us, our work is a labour of love, and love for what we do is at the core of everything we do.

We never get tired of what we do - creating spectacular and unique wedding stationery to suit every love story - and each new client and couple we create for brings us just as much joy as the previous ones.



Lala is super passionate about giving you the perfect customer experience; she's a firm believer in making you feel comfortable and at home. This lovely lady is your main point of call.

From the minute you book your consultation or spoil yourself with pretties from our online shop, Lala’s the one guiding you through your journey with us.

Lala is also the CEO of The Lala Group, Lala For Business and The Creative Republic, Sweet Self Talk and Small Biz Experts.



Kellie is our High Priestess of ensuring everything is organised and perfect in every single way. Her keen eye for detail, refusal to take anything less than perfect, and almost supernatural ability to calm even the most problematic printer unit is legendary. She's in charge of running our busy design studio and keeping all of us sane!



Our lead graphic designer, Anna is the reason our designs just sing - and also why our design resource library is so massive. She's got a solution for nearly every design problem, and if she doesn't, she'll find one super quick! Once you’ve booked or ordered with us, you’ll be in Anna’s capable hands throughout the proofing process.



This gorgeous bundle of energy and sunshine takes care of all of our online orders; making sure that each one has a handwritten note, loving wrap, and is waved off goodbye to their new forever homes. And if you find confetti in your order – you can blame Chloe for that! She's good vibes and happiness in one petite, professional package.



This witty, gentle soul takes care of all of our websites, clients’ websites and jumps in to help with graphic design work for our wedding and business clients when needed. Lara can be bribed with delicious vegan sweets, and there's not a single code that she can't figure out with her keen mind and eye for design!



The quietest one of us all, this creative lass takes care of the graphic design work for our business clients, as well as our social media and Etsy store fronts. Ella also makes the cutest earrings ever!



The bestest boy ever! Kopi greets all our Paper and Ink couples at the door with a huge smile and wagging tail, as well as supervising all of us during the day. It wouldn’t surprise us at all if meeting Kopi is the highlight of the wedding planning process (and he’s always the highlight of our day!).


Paper and Ink Studio has evolved so much since it's foundation as Lala Design in 2003, when Lala first launched the brand at a market stall. Just six months later, she started leasing a small retail store in Leederville which she ran for several years, providing a one-stop shop for coordinated wedding stationery.

In 2019, Lala reinvented Lala Design into the bespoke, made-to-order design studio it is today. In 2022, we decided it was time for a brand glow-up, and Lala Design became Paper and Ink Studio (but we're still the same owner and awesome team - Kellie, Lala and Anna!)