Wedding Vow Keepsakes

Show off your wedding vows like the artwork they are with one of our beautiful wedding vow keepsake prints. Perfect as a gift for your first wedding anniversary - the Paper Anniversary - or as a present for your newlywed friends or family so they can keep the memories of their wedding day alive for years to come.
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Turn your wedding vows into a piece of art.
You both didn't spend all that time writing the most beautiful love letter to each other in the form of your vows to not show them off, so why not turn those literary works of art into an actual artwork for your home? And that's not the only reason to invest in a vow keepsake!

A wedding vow print is a great first anniversary present.
Did you know that the first wedding anniversary is traditionally the paper anniversary? For your paper anniversary, gifts exchanged between you and your love or given to you by your nearest and dearest should be made of paper or paper-adjacent materials; and there's no paper anniversary gift sweeter than having your wedding vows to each other printed with a beautiful design.

A wedding vow poster makes for a great statement piece.
Chances are you'll be showing off some of your beautiful wedding photos - with you and your love beaming and radiating joy - in your home. Adding in a printed vow keepsake to your wedding photo wall or photo collage is a spectacular centrepoint and makes for a really dynamic display of the start of your married life.

We've got framed wedding vow options to pick from.
You can pick from 3 classic and timeless frames - white, black, or a delicate wood - when you order, meaning that you don't have to rush around trying to find a frame for your wedding vow sign; it's all taken care of. And with how all-over-the-place frame sizes can be these days (and pricy too!), having it all sorted in one go will make your life easy as pie so you can concentrate on the important things, like spending time with your love.

We've also got the option for a print-ready vow keepsake file instead, if that's easier.
If you're rushed for time or have a buddy that'll print your stunning vows for you (or both!), we also offer the option to have your vow print sent to you as a print-ready PDF instead! Once you approve your proof, we set it to industry standard specifications so you know the final printed vow keepsake will be perfect in every way.

It's a fantastic gift for the newlyweds if they haven't thought of it themselves.
If you know your besties haven't gotten a custom vow print, what better way to show them some love by getting a vow print for them? It's a stunning and thoughtful gift that will make their day - just make sure to be sneaky and get a copy of their vows without them guessing, though.