Need help crafting the perfect wording to let your guests know you're having a device-free or unplugged wedding? We've got your back with our handy guide chock-full of unplugged wedding wording templates.
go for an unplugged wedding

There's nothing more frustrating than meeting up with your fantastic wedding photographer and realising half your photos have Aunt Carol, phone in hand, blocking nearly every single moment because she's trying to take pictures.

Avoid the stress and make your wedding day an unplugged one. We've put together this handy guide with unplugged wedding wording templates and examples to help you ask your nearest and dearest to put down their phones and cameras and leave the photography to the professionals.

Telling your guests to put away their phones and cameras can feel like a big request.
But it's not a huge ask, really and truly! You and your love are spending thousands on your photographer and videographer, and there is honestly nothing more irritating to you or the suppliers you hire than ending up with 80% of your shots having a guest blocking the moment, camera or phone in hand. It's really easy to ask guests to put their devices away and reinforce that you're having an unplugged wedding - here's some extra tips to help.

It's all in how you ask guests to respect your unplugged wedding wishes.
Start with a small line on your wedding invitation - this can be just a small line like "our wedding will be device-free" or a small poem on the back of the invitation or included on your information card. Get them prepped early by giving them a heads-up. Be warm, be kind, and be 100% firm about your request!

Request, rinse, repeat.
Make sure you've got your unplugged wedding wording in as many places as you can. If you've got an RSVP website or wedding website, make sure to include it in the details or information section. If guests ask about photography etc, you can slide in a little "oh, our photographer is wonderful, we're so excited - we're asking everyone to stick to our unplugged wedding so they can get the best pictures possible." Seriously, reinforce it as kindly, politely, and as many times as you can. The more you repeat, the more guests will remember to keep phones away.

Get assistance from the big guns.
At the start of your ceremony, your celebrant will be more than happy to talk about house rules like this - ask them about including it in their introduction. 9 times out of 10, your celebrant will have made a short speech about the couple having an unplugged wedding so they'll know exactly what to say. And your MC or DJ at the reception will be able to do the same thing - trust us, they'll all have a lot of experience in making this request on your behalf and will be more than happy to do so.

Set it in stone with an unplugged wedding sign.
Not only do we have a range of beautiful Unplugged Wedding signs, you can also include your unplugged wording anywhere you really want, like your welcome sign, seating plan, or even a small note on each guest's menu if you so choose.

Be prepared for some exceptions to the rule.
By this, we don't mean Uncle Dan who never puts his camera down, or your best mate Tina who can't go five minutes without a selfie. We're talking about a family member or loved one who might need their phone on vibrate as they're on call for work emergencies, or they have a loved one that's ill, or a small child that they need to be able to answer a text or call about right away. Treat it on a case-by-case basis and as long as they're not taking happy snaps when you don't want them to, it'll all work out just fine.

Triple-check your details and wording!
It never hurts to get a second and third person to check your wording! You get so used to what you've written that your brain automatically scans the first and last letters of each word, so you may skip any tiny typos just because you've been looking at your wording for too long. So get friends or fam to do a check for you just to be safe.

And that's it! Quick, easy, and not as scary as it looks, right? Right! But as always, if you need a bit of a hand or some suggestions to spice up your unplugged wedding wording, just get in touch. We love to chat and we're always here to help!