Gift Boxes

Elevate your gift-wrapping game with one of our beautiful gift boxes. With colour combinations and designs to suit everyone, our personalised gift box designs will make wrapping and gifting quick, easy, and oh-so-very-stylish!

Gift boxes as special as the person you're spoiling rotten.
There's nothing more joyful than giving a loved one a present you know they'll love! However, sometimes wrapping that gift can be an absolute nightmare. Take the stress out and add another layer of gifting awesomeness with one of our beautiful, customisable gift boxes. Here's a few fantastic occasions and reasons to use them.

Surprise your wedding party with custom bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.
We know you've seen all those beautiful wedding party proposal boxes on socials like Instagram and Pinterest - and you've probably checked out the pre-made ones you can buy and thought "That's cool, but I'd really love to pick my own gifts for my bridal party" or "But I've already bought their presents, I just need a nice gift box!" Well, never fear, we're here! With gift box designs to suit every style and taste of bridal party proposal gift, you'll find they'll fit nearly everything you need. And better yet, we ship them flat so you don't end up with massive postage fees. Just pull off the coverings and stick them into place!

You'll make a milestone event a little more special with a gorgeous gift box.
Weddings, hens, bucks, bridal showers, christenings, baptisms, birthdays, graduations, housewarmings, engagements, the first big sale your best friend made for their small business? All fantastic excuses for a personalised gift box from our stunning range. And better yet, it makes for a fantastic keepsake - and storage item - for whoever you've spoiled.

Loved one having a tough time? Grab a personalised gift box and stuff it full of goodies to make them smile.
Honestly, there's nothing more wonderful than bringing a little sunshine into a loved one's life when times are tough and nothing seems to be going right for them. Our gift boxes are great for creating a stash of tasty treats, self-care saviours and other joy-bringing items to brighten their day; and with a quick 'thinking of you' message on the box, it's guaranteed to help lighten their load every time they look at their gift box full of love and goodies.

Telling Christmas presents apart is easy as pie with a custom gift box.
We've all been there, haven't we? Frantically wrapping Christmas presents and - horror of horrors - you've forgotten to label them as you go. And the wrapping is all the same. And the gifts are the same size and shape, just different types. So it's either hand them out as they are and hope for the best, or unwrap them, figure out whose gift is whose and rewrap... and ain't nobody got time for that. Make your Christmas wrapping session easy and worry free with a personalised gift box.

If you're a small business owner, it makes client gifting a breeze.
Watching your small business take off is an amazing feeling, and when that happens you want to spoil the clients who helped make it happen! A customisable gift box is a wonderful way to make the gift personal and meaningful without having to invest in custom boxes just for a one-off present: just pick one of our stunning designs, let us know what you want on there, and order. And if you are interested in a bulk order of custom boxes, we can help with that - either by grabbing a custom quote if it's for an event, or by heading over to Lala for Business if you're wanting beautiful custom boxes and packaging for your small business.