Favours/Guest Gift Table Signs

If you and your love are going all out with styling and have decided on a dedicated table or spot for your guest gifts, favours, or bombonniere, make sure guests can find their goodies with a beautiful favour table sign!
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Make it easy to gift your guests their wedding favours with a favour or guest gift table sign.
A dedicated bombonniere or wedding favour table means a lot less clutter on the dining tables, but you've got to make sure guests can find their gift - you don't want to be carting a hundred favours home at the end of the night. This is what a good favour sign can do for you.

Most importantly, a favour sign lets guests know you've got a little somethin' for them!
A guest gift table sign makes sure your loved ones know you've got a token of appreciation waiting for them, and where they can find them. And having them all in one place means end-of-night cleanup is a lot easier: instead of having a loved one scan tables for forgotten wedding favours, any bombonniere left behind are in the one spot.

It's an opportunity to throw in a little thank you wording in advance.
You can include a beautiful, sweet little thank you message on your favour sign to thank your nearest and dearest for being there on your wedding day. It's a win for both teams - you can let them know how much you adore them (and buy some extra time post-wedding to get your thank you cards done!) and they get a serious case of the warm and fuzzy feelings.

A favour sign and table help keep everything else organised.
By dedicating a space for favours, you're reducing the amount of items on guest tables and making sure there's no traffic jam of guests in important spots: it's all safe and sound in one place and your wedding guests can grab their bombonniere with ease and at their own pace!

It makes for a great photo opportunity on the night.
Your photographer will be making sure they take some amazing snaps of your venue on the night, and a table stacked with beautifully decorated gifts is a great photograph to have! One of our brides a few years back had the most gorgeous gold sequin tablecloth stacked high with jade green favour boxes and a green and gold acrylic sign - it was an absolute showstopper, and a lot of guests took selfies by it because it made for an iconic backdrop.

A favour sign is a great way of adding your unique wedding style to your decorations.
It's a quick, easy way of getting your beautiful stationery design into your wedding reception without having to go overboard or worry about tying 100 little tags on boxes - one sign is worth a thousand hours of tying tags on or styling table settings.