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Get those important wedding notes written down with our super cute pen set! It's the perfect little somethin' somethin' to make all that wedding planning a breeze.
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Need that one last little gift for your favourite couple-to-be? Add in a cute pen set!
When you're spoiling your newly engaged nearest and dearest, there's always that one little thing that'll make their engagement gift complete - so why not add in our cute little pen set to make wedding planning more fun for them?

Our cute pen set has the most PERFECT pens.
We've all been there, haven't we, with terrible pens that are flimsy, clunky or scratchy to write with? Well, these beauties have passed every single Paper and Ink team's test; not only are they beautifully made and sturdy (but not too heavy!), they've got a smooth, soft-touch surface, rich black ink and writing with them is smooth like butter. The handy stylus end is also perfect for your mobile devices! It's soft and squishy, not hard and brittle, so it won't damage or scratch up your screens like some stylus pens can do.

It's the best thing to round out your wedding planning gift-giving.
Our cute pen set is engraved with two different engagement/wedding planning themed phrases that aren't too cutesy or saccharine - so no cringe here! They're a great addition if you're buying one of our fantastic wedding planner & organisers - you can add them in as part of a bundle - or they're a great accompaniment to one of our personalised notebooks.