Seating Plans

Get your guests into your reception and to their tables quickly and easily with our gorgeous seating plans. Whether you're going for standard tables of 8, 10 or 12, long table layouts or even using an alphabetical or A-Z seating plan layout, we've got you covered - all of our beautiful designs can be adapted to whatever layout you need.
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A seating plan by any other name is still a great idea.
Whether you're calling it a seating plan, seating chart, wedding seating sign, wedding floor plan or a seating layout, having a sign that helps guests find their table number and spot quickly and easily is always a good investment. Here's a few great reasons to add one to your wedding stationery must-have list!

Seating charts stop confusion and stress for your guests.
Instead of having your loved ones milling around the entrance to your venue in a confused haze, or clogging up the thoroughfares because they're checking every single table for their name, they'll be able to look at your seating plan, find their table number, and head to the right place from the get-go.

A good seating plan can prevent family wars!
While it can be stressful to make sure certain family members are far enough away from each other, a seating sign with allocated places for everyone means that you don't have to worry about drama on your big day: you can put Aunty Dita far, far away from Aunty Georgia so they don't spend dinner arguing over who insulted who the most back in 1985.

Seating charts are also great for grouping like-minded loved ones together to maximise the joy of your wedding reception.
If you know that your love's non-binary bestie is a huge horror movie buff and your brother and his wife are the same, you can group them together so they have a blast and talk about things they love. It's a great way of adding in guests who might be strangers but have similar interests and personalities to the larger groups so they don't feel like they're being left out. We've all made some great life-long friends when we've been the random guest because the happy couple did just this! Basically, share the love with a well-thought-out seating plan.

A seating chart is a great way to make sure accessibility is taken care of.
If you've got friends and family who need a few accommodations - such as more room to get a wheelchair or crutches around - a seating plan with allocated spots means you can make sure they've got a seat that they can easily get in and out of before someone who doesn't need the accommodation snaps it up.

Seating plans also make your vendor/catering staff's lives easier.
Once you finalise your table layout for your seating plan, you'll be able to give them a copy so they know exactly who is sitting where. For your photographers and videographers, that means that they'll be able to locate your nearest and dearest for that list of shots you've given them. For catering staff, they'll be able to locate the right guest if they're serving any dietary restriction-based meals with ease. And, if a guest gets a bit too merry and forgets where they're sitting and asks a venue staff member, they'll be able to direct them to the right spot in no time.

A stunning seating chart is a great way to add your wedding theme and design into the decorations.
Having beautiful signage in your wedding colours and style is a wonderful way to incorporate your unique wedding theme and vibe into your decor without going overboard - and by pairing it with table stationery such as matching placecards, menus, table numbers and other great wedding signs, you'll be able to keep it consistent and create the most stunning environment and vibe for your guests.