Sophisticated Modern Wedding Stationery

If your dream day is one with a modern wedding theme with crisp, clean lines and striking colours, then you're in the right place! With our stunning range of modern wedding invitations and stationery to suit every style - from subtle and elegant to bold and fun - you'll find your perfect invitation in no time at all.

Modern weddings are all about exquisite simplicity.
A modern wedding theme is absolutely beautiful for its minimalistic approach, lack of pomp and fluff, and is all about maximum impact for minimal stress - with our range of modern wedding stationery you'll be able to get that oomph without the pain. Here's a few tips on making sure your modern wedding invitations are perfect in every way.

Keep it clean & simple from the start.
The beauty of a modern wedding theme is that you don't have to go overboard: simplicity is key! Start off by setting the tone for your guests with your wedding stationery. You don't have to wait for your wedding invitations to do this - if you've got the time, start off with a beautiful modern Save the Date card. We've even got a modern Wedding Planner design to suit every style and taste.

Pick your wedding style.
Are you more of an industrial-style modern couple that would love our Treasury or Fenton designs? Is the mid-century chic of our Verne or Waverly sets more your speed? Or are you more about the intimate, warm vibe of Thorne, Alto and Autograph with their modern fonts and fun layouts?
Whatever your modern wedding style is, we've got you covered.

Don't be afraid to mix and match!
We're always on about being consistent but that doesn't mean everything has to be perfectly matched in every way. You can choose a colour palette that ties everything from your Engagement invitations to your Thank You cards together and then mix and match complimentary designs for great effect. One of our couples rocked this out by pairing our stunning Quinn seating chart with our Allegra welcome sign in our stunning Sienna colour palette.

Focus on the details.
To really make your modern wedding theme cohesive, don't forget about the little things like vow cards to pop your vows into instead of just having a random bit of paper; or even a stunning ring dish to safely hold your wedding bands in. And if you have a loved one who is unable to be with you on your wedding day, keep their spirit and memory with you with a memorial pendant or brooch like our Rectangle Photo Pendant that can be tied to a bouquet with ease.

Make your modern wedding theme truly yours by going bespoke.
There's nothing more personal, intimate and perfect than having a modern wedding stationery set designed just for you - we love creating custom modern wedding invitations that show you and your love's personalities and style off! It's so easy to get a custom quote, book a consultation either in person or by video chat, or even add a few luxe touches by talking to us about adding embossing or foiling to elevate your wedding stationery.

Get some inspiration for your modern wedding.
We've got a huge range of gorgeous inspo pics in our custom design gallery (you'll love Chloe & Matthew's crisp modern design, or Ella & Conrad's industrial elegance) as well as our socials to stalk! Find us on Instagram and Pinterest.

And if you want some real-life wedding inspo, check out the beauty that was Natalie & Matthew's custom modern wedding set.