We’ve been doing what we love and creating stunning and unique wedding and event stationery for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve built an outstanding reputation for exceptional service, versatile designs, and absolutely breathtaking quality. And even better - everything we do is designed by us and made right here in Australia.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to and what to expect when you order your stunning wedding invitations with us, we want to reassure you a little bit with the four core values we live by!

When it comes to your wedding stationery, if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. You’ll always have a Paper & Ink Team to guide and support you through the process. 

You don’t need to be the designer or the printer – that’s our job. Let us make life easy for you by leaving all the hard work of designing and printing your wedding stationery to us. We'll handle it all from start to finish.

We’re really good at it, and we know how important it is to you to get a quick reply. We won't leave you hanging, and we'll always be open, transparent and honest about every aspect of your wedding stationery.

We believe in great quality and we only use the best for everything we do. You won't find anything but the best quality here - we won't give you invitations or signs that are anything less than perfect.


The ordering process is as easy as pie - here's how it all works!

1. Pick a design from our ready to order stationery collections or go for a custom wedding design.
Browse our beautiful ready to order designs, and if you want a unique design for your wedding stationery just grab a quote from us for a custom design.

2. Add what you want to your cart, or confirm your custom quote!
If you've fallen in love with one of our ready-to-order collections, add what you need and want to your cart and buy those beauties! And if you've gone for a custom quote, just click accept on your quote to get started.

3. We'll get in contact quickly with what we need to start!
If you ordered something that requires in-depth information (e.g., seating plans, envelope printing, etc.), we will contact you within 48 hours to get your details - we'll send through a To-Do list with everything we need, when we need it by, and when your order will be ready by so you know exactly what's going on with your wedding stationery.

4. Design proof time!
Once we've got everything we need, we'll get your First Design Proof set and emailed to you quickly - we won't keep you waiting to see your wedding stationery design. And from there, we can either move on to a Final Proof if you need tweaks made for your wording, or if it's perfect you can approve straight away.

5. Approve your proof + printing starts!
When you’ve given us your OK TO PRINT, we'll go to print! It's as simple as that - we don't make you jump through hoops.

6. Time to check, pack and ship!
As soon as your order is completed, we triple check that everything is perfect, pack it with love and ship it directly to you (allow 2-3 weeks for standard shipping). Or, if you've chosen to pick it up from the studio, pop in and grab your order the minute we've let you know it's ready!

7. Celebrate and relax!
Open your pretty package and squeal! Have a teeny tiny party, ooh and ahh over your beautiful wedding stationery, pop 'em in the post or hand deliver, and then relax - the hard work is done!

Have a question?

We're here to help! Ask us any question at all about the ordering process; and if you want to know our favourite food, drinks, places to eat or ask about the shenanigans we get up to, ask away - just click that lil' old Email Us button below!

Ordering your wedding stationery shouldn't be hard or stressful.
Our running joke is that wedding planning should be classified as an extreme sport, it's so full-on! So we want to make sure at least this part - sorting out your beautiful wedding invitations, wedding signage and all the other wedding stationery to go along with it - is as stress-free and as easy for you as possible. Here's how we make ordering wedding stationery as easy as we can.

We've taken the guesswork out of ordering wedding stationery online.
One of the hardest parts about ordering anything online is that you won't know the quality or colours until you see them in person. We've made it easier for you to find out exactly what you're paying for with our Essential Stationery Planning Kit. With samples of our ready-to-order collections and examples of our custom work with luxe print finishes, you'll be able to feel the quality, check that the colour is perfect and then plan what you need with ease.

You don't have to worry about designing your own wedding invitations. We take care of everything.
Some online stationers will have you plug in your wording and leave you fiddling around for hours or days trying to get it perfect. We don't - we take care of the design, layout and making sure everything is beautiful and precise and prints perfectly.

You'll be able to see design proofs and approve your design before we make it.
We want you to be able to know exactly what you're approving, so we make sure you have design proofs to view, make any wording tweaks to, and approve once you're happy with it. You won't have to deal with us going ahead with printing without your express approval and confirmation that we're okay to print!

We'll never drop the ball on communication.
One of the things we're most proud about is that we'll always stay in touch - we don't ghost, we always communicate, and we're always open and honest about everything! If something isn't working quite how it should with your design, we'll let you know and give you options to choose from. If you want to add something in or change something that incurs additional costs, we're open and upfront and will tell you EXACTLY what that cost would be, and we won't move forward on it until you confirm you want us to go ahead. We're here to make sure you get everything you want for your wedding stationery, and that you know you've got options and friendly, helpful advice whenever you need it.

We keep your wedding details on the down-low.
While we LOVE showing off the beautiful stationery we create, we never do it until after you've got your items in hand, and generally not even then - we try and wait until after your wedding day to show off your stunning wedding stationery, with all important info removed. We're big believers on keeping things private, secure, and discreet.

Does it sound like we'll be your perfect stationery match?
Regardless if you're buying one of our ready-to-order collections, or going for a fully bespoke, custom wedding design, we can't wait to work with you and make your wedding stationery dreams come true.

Chat to us about your perfect invitations by booking a consultation or by sending us a quick email, text or by calling us - we're always up for a chat about pretty paper goods!