Bring your unique wedding style to your reception tables with our beautiful placecards, menus and table numbers! Make it easy for your guests to find their seat with personalised placecards and menus, as well as a table number (with or without a handy metal or wooden number stand) so they know exactly where to head to. It also makes your venue's catering staff ensure the right guest gets the correct meal every time. Beautiful, and practical!


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So, why do we need table stationery for our wedding?
If you're going for a formal, sit-down wedding reception, items like placecards, menus and table numbers make it so much easier for your guests to find their spot! It also helps in a bunch of other ways when it comes to wedding night logistics. Here's how having wedding menus and other table stationery can help.

It helps bring your wedding theme and aesthetic in to your wedding reception.
And it does it without worrying about hiring or buying a huge amount of decorations for the table! A simple menu or placecard (or both!) and a table number that has the same design printed on it to match your invitations and signage helps keep your design, theme and style consistent without a huge overhead - or taking up too much space on the tables. It's a great way of adding some visual prettiness without breaking the budget or losing valuable table-top real estate.

Table stationery helps your guests get to where they need to be, quickly!
There's nothing worse than having to delay your entrance because the venue has let you know guests are still milling around trying to find their places. While a seating plan will definitely help get them out of the entryway, you don't want it to be chaos inside; you want everyone comfortable and seated, and you definitely don't want to delay being able to make your entrance and take a few minutes to sit and rest after the whirlwind of your wedding day. Having table numbers helps get your loved ones to the right table, and having a personalised placecard or menu with their name on it makes sure they're in the right spot from the get-go.

Table numbers and personalised menus or placecards make life easier for your waitstaff.
Not only does it mean they can make sure the right guest gets the right meal - super important when it comes to guests with allergies or dietary restrictions - it means your waitstaff can do their job without having to rush back and forth to check they're heading to the right person or table. They want you to have a perfect wedding day, so making sure they've got a bit of back up in the form of table numbers and personalised placecards or menus means they don't have to waste time searching high and low - which means less stress on their end, and they can make sure your loved ones are well looked after. It's a small gesture but it makes the world of difference.

Table stationery isn't just limited to what's for dinner or table numbers, either!
We've had so many of our beautiful couples include other details - from "eye spy" and word games on the back of the menus for their neices and nephews, to small notes on a guest's menu to let them know to take the flower arrangement on the table home with them, to even a personal thank you message on each menu to tell their guests how much they love and appreciate them! The possibilities are endless, and just because something is a table number or a placecard or a menu doesn't mean it can't multitask.

You'll always have guests who keep their menu or placecard as a keepsake.
And what a lovely keepsake to have! We all do it here at Paper and Ink Studio - and we can tell you exactly how gorgeous the happy couple looked, how magical the night was, and the hilarious shenanigans that followed after dinner. And if you're getting menus, don't forget to tick the freebie box when you order so you and your love have a keepsake of your wedding reception to keep with your copy of the invite and your wedding album.