Bar Sign Wording

Let your wedding guests know what brilliant beverages are on offer with a bar sign!
There's no better way to show off your drinks list or custom wedding cocktails,
especially if you're coupling it with a funny, pun-filled message. Drink and be
married with one of our beautiful ready-to-order bar sign designs!
Sip, sip, hooray!

Get the party started on your wedding day with a stunning wedding bar or drinks sign. Show off the full range of drinks available at your reception, or your custom wedding cocktails, or both!

Whatever you choose to pop on your bar sign, don't forget
to include the most important details, such as;

♥ The list of alcoholic drinks you'll have on offer.
♥ Non-alcoholic beverage choices for any designated drivers or guests who won't be indulging on the night.
♥ A header or title line so guests know at a glance where to head for refreshments.
♥ Any times for certain drinks - for instance, if you're only offering spirits after 9pm or cocktails between 5pm and 6pm, you want to include that information.
♥ Your names and dates, if you want that on there too!

Wedding bar sign or drink list wording is easy to figure out.
You'll have most of the information at hand once you've booked your venue and confirmed your food and beverage packages with them or your caterers - it's just the finer details you need to think about. We've got some great tips in the handy, free to download PDF above, but here's a few extra tips on what to consider when you're ordering your wedding beverage signage.

Don't feel like you've gotta be cold as ice with your wedding drink lists!
Unlike a lot of other wedding stationery elements, your bar sign can have a bit of fun and humour to it - don't feel like your wording has to be the written equivalent of the stiff upper lip. You kind of want to have the celebration mode going from the start. However, if you want to be a bit more formal, keep your wording very matter-of-fact and to the point.

The devil's in the drink details.
Like with your food menu, it's important - especially if you're offering cocktails and mocktails at your wedding - to give a brief rundown of the ingredients in them. By doing so, your guests can make sure they don't choose a drink that has an allergen or something that due to health reasons they can't ingest without risking serious consequences. So, if you're offering a cocktail or mocktail, or even a selection of juices and teas, include the ingredients where you can. Herbal teas in particular can hide a few allergens such as coconut or tree nut oils in them. And if you can't list all the ingredients, make sure you talk to your venue; you can give them any guest allergy info and ask that the bartenders are ready and willing to explain drink ingredients to guests to avoid any mishaps.

Personalised bar signs are awesome - don't hesitate to add your names and date to it.
At the end of the day, the MVPs of your wedding are - drumroll, please - you and your love! So if you want your names and wedding date on your bar sign for a personal touch, do it. If you're worried you'll look arrogant by doing so, don't be - it's perfectly normal and looks amazing to boot!

Triple-check your details and wording!
It never hurts to get a second and third person to check your wording! You get so used to what you've written that your brain automatically scans the first and last letters of each word, so you may skip any tiny typos just because you've been looking at your wording for too long. So get friends or fam to do a check for you just to be safe - and with drink signs, you also want to get a final confirmation on your beverage list from your venue before you approve to print.

And that's it! Quick, easy, and not as scary as it looks, right? Right! But as always, if you need a bit of a hand or some suggestions to spice up your bar sign wording, just get in touch. We love to chat and we're always here to help!