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Getting ready to roll out the welcome mat for your big day? Your wedding welcome sign is like the friendly hug that greets everyone at the door, setting the tone and giving the first peek into what’s about to unfold. Think of it as the warm smile that says, “We’re so glad you’re here!” Crafting the perfect welcome sign is all about making it feel personal and unique, just like your love story.

Picking the right words can turn that piece of decor into a heartfelt highlight of your day. Whether you’re after a bit of fun with a playful quip or something that tugs at the heartstrings, each phrase we’ve lined up here is all about making everyone feel like they’re a special part of your journey from the get-go. Let’s dive into some fabulous phrases that will not only welcome your guests but also pull them into the magic of your celebration.

We all love a bit of spotlight on social media, right? A catchy and charming welcome sign isn’t just about tradition—it’s about setting your wedding vibe and maybe even trending online. Ready to find that perfect blend of words that’ll get everyone snapping pics and tapping hearts? Let’s make that first impression a lasting one!

With these phrases, your welcome sign will do more than guide your guests—it'll give them a taste of the wonderful day to come, wrapped up in a big, joyful grin. Let’s make those first words they see something truly unforgettable!

 20 Fun Welcome sign wording ideas:

  1. "All because 2 people swiped right!”

  2. "Welcome to [Name] wedding, featuring [Name]!"

  3. "Adventure awaits – thanks for joining ours!"

  4. "Eat, drink, and be married – Welcome to our forever fest!"

  5. "Welcome to the best day ever – [Your Names]'s Wedding Day!"

  6. "A wedding is a party for love”

  7. "Once upon a time... the story starts today!"

  8. "Welcome! Let's celebrate love, laughter, and our happily ever after."

  9. "Welcome, where love stories get their happy ending!"

  10. "It’s love o’clock – Welcome to our forever moment."

  11. "Sip, Sigh, and Say ‘Hi’ – Welcome to Our Wedding!"

  12. "Let’s do this!”

  13. "It’s a forever kinda thing!”

  14. "Nothing fancy, just love and an open bar!”

  15. "Welcome! Dive into the depths of our love story."

  16. "Step right up to a day filled with love, laughter, and 'I do'!"

  17. "The greatest love story ever told starts here. Welcome!"

  18. "We’ve waited (insert number of days) party according”

  19. "The wait is finally over!”

  20. "Hello, Beautiful Souls! Get ready to toast, cheer, and celebrate our love's unfold."

Personalisation is Key

Your love story is one-of-a-kind, and your welcome sign should be too. Whether it’s incorporating your nicknames or a line from your favourite song, make it a heartfelt hello that speaks volumes.

So, when you’re picking that perfect hello for your guests, remember it’s more than just a sign; it’s the cheerful opener to your love-filled day. From sweet and simple to witty and whimsical, these ideas are here to kickstart your celebration with a splash.

Stuck for ideas or got something extra special in mind? We’re all ears and just a click away—head on over to our CONTACT PAGE or pop up a chat on our website. Curious about all the creative ways we can bring your wedding words to life? CLICK HERE to peek at our full range of sign designs. We’re here to help you craft that perfect welcome that’s every bit as unique as your love story.

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