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Weddings are reflective of who couples are and their love story – every detail says a lot about a couple. 

To help you start thinking about your wedding stationery, we have popped together what we feel will be some of the leading trends for wedding stationery in 2021.


We love seeing couples not be afraid to use bold colours and bold font style in their wedding stationery. Any colour combination goes, don’t be afraid to express your love in big, bold colours that scream you!


Going for a minimalist design will never be out of trend – it is always classic and timeless. While being simple is the key to this design, so is the print finish. Simple designs can be elevated with tactile print finishes like blind press, foil and letterpress onto super fluffy white cotton.


Design is not just limited with textures, fonts, and colors. Wedding stationery can also be as beautiful with wonderful personalized illustrations based on the couple’s story. It’s not just a pretty design element but is also a way to tell a story through your wedding stationery – especially when the illustration is personalized for you. Our bride Bianca, was married at Core Cider House, well known for its apple orchards, which was brought into her wedding stationery.


Acrylic invitations are still a popular trend from 2020, that we feel will still be popular in 2021. . Couples love acrylic invites for it’s unusual element that it is not paper.  There are a lot of other elements that can be combined in using acrylic as your main stationery material – like illustrations & bright colors.


Vellum paper, also known as “that clear translucent paper”, will be a very popular layer for a whole wedding stationery ensemble. It adds in a modern yet soft vibe. It looks great with extra embellishments like wax seals.


Silver, Gold, or any shade of color you prefer – foil printing is a very unique way to make your design better than it already is. 2021 is a year of trying out new design trends and this one is definitely worth considering! Your wedding stationery will instantly look luxurious.


Aside from printing styles, exploring with unique & modern shapes for your wedding stationery is another trend that is worth trying out! Combining traditional & modern shapes for your whole wedding stationery line up adds a little more fun and uniqueness to your wedding.

Using one or a combination of these wedding design trends will instantly elevate your wedding’s personality and give  a greater connection with your guests. Tell your love story through your wedding stationery by wrapping it up with meaningful and stylish design choices. Your guests will surely feel more excited and closer to you on your journey as a married couple!

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