Copper Oval Memorial Photo Pendant
Copper Oval Memorial Photo Pendant
Copper Oval Memorial Photo Pendant

Copper Oval Memorial Photo Pendant

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Keep your loved ones close with a personalised piece of keepsake, memorial, remembrance jewellery.  Attach this piece to your wedding bouquet, wedding dress, jacket or wear to carry them close to you.

PRODUCT SIZE: 50mm x 34mm wide 

Included is us supplying your chosen piece with the photo you give us inside.

These are the photo requirements needed to give you the best finish.

  • Jpeg image
  • Not blurry (if it looks blurry to you, it will print blurry)
  • 1cm space around the person

Please email or upload  your image. If no image is emailed with the order, we will send the pendant as it is.

More information can be found in the tabs below.

-Size: Please refer to the photo to see size of piece.

- Order time – 1 week + shipping time

- Do you provide a design proof? For this product we do not supply a design proof.

- What is the print made from? We professionally print on premium, archival safe paper and glue inside the piece. A glass piece is then glued on top.

- I needed it yesterday – Please contact us to see how we can help.

- Where are you located? We are based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Our products are printed and made by us here in Perth. Thanks for supporting Australian made.

- Can I collect my order? Yes, you can select 'Studio Pickup' at checkout.

- Studio location – The Lala Group, 104 Edward Street, Perth. Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm AWST. Closed public holidays and weekend.

We use Australia Post:
- Regular post within Australia – allow up to 3 weeks (no tracking)
- Express post within Australia – allow up to 1 week (includes tracking)
- International shipping – allow up to 3 weeks

Studio Pickup:
The Lala Group, 104 Edward Street, Perth
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm AWST. Closed public holidays and weekend. 

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Keep your loved ones close to your heart with our memorial jewellery.
Our memorial pins, pendants and flat-back brooch designs are the perfect way to keep your lost loved one with you on the biggest day of your life, and make for a beautiful keepsake for years after. Here are our top tips for making sure your memorial pin, memorial pendant or memorial brooch come out perfectly - and stay that way.

It all starts with the photo.
While we've mentioned it in the product description for this beautiful memorial jewellery piece, we can't stress it enough; if the photo looks blurry or pixelated to you, that's how it will print. While we take every measure to make sure the print quality is as perfect as we can make it, if the photo is too low in resolution, blurry or discoloured due to age/environmental factors, that's exactly how it will look when printed. For digital photos, you can check the resolution of it on your computer - just go to where you have the image stored, right-click but don't open up the file, and select "Properties".

Once you've had the Properties window open up, go to the "Details" tab and scroll down - you'll see a section called Image and in that section is an area that lists the Horizontal Resolution and Vertical Resolution. These generally have the same value. We prefer that the photo be at least 300 DPI, but for photos taken with your mobile phone you'll find that they generally sit about 72 to 96 DPI instead, with higher resolutions being 150 dpi. We can work with 150 dpi, but the higher resolution the better.

If you're scanning an old photo, before you press 'scan', use your scanning program's "Adjust the quality of the scanned picture" options or settings to set the quality to 300 dpi. This will give the best quality result when printed.

And one last thing for your memorial jewellery photo: the best file format to save it as is a JPEG, making it easier and quicker to upload or email through to us when you order your memorial brooch, pin or pendant.

Try and use a photo that has a bit of space around your loved one.
We need a bit of space or area around your loved one's face so we can resize the image to fit your chosen memorial pendant or pin without losing any of them! We generally ask that you allow at least a centimetre top, bottom and sides.

Worried that your photo isn't going to work? Reach out!
If you only have one pic of your loved one and you're concerned it might not work, just get in touch with a quick email. Attach your photo and we'll have a look and give our advice.