Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards
Amore - Menu Cards

Amore - Menu Cards

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Order time – 2 weeks plus postage time selected at checkout.

Ready to order online Wedding and Event Guest Menu Cards. Professionally designed and printed in Australia and shipped direct to your front door.

WHAT’S NEXT: Once we have received your order, we will email you within 2 working days a template to fill out of guest names (if you have chosen this option) and a digital proof for you to check and approve to print.

- Card size: 10cm x 21cm tall
- Stock: Premium 350gsm Matte digitally printed
- Order time: 2 weeks + shipping time
- We print a small discrete brand on the back if appropriate

- Can I have my own words and details printed?
Oh, absolutely! Once you've ordered, we'll ask you to give us your wording (if you haven't typed it in during the order process) and then we design it just for you, send you a proof to approve, and once you've approved we go to print.

- Can I change the design, colours, and font?
Yes you can! However, this is considered a 'Custom Design'. Please contact us before placing your order to confirm your design changes, as extra costs and order times will apply

- I have my own design that I want, can you make it for me?
We love custom work so of course you can! Contact us to make that happen by email, phone call or text, or fill out the custom quote form - you'll find a link right at the top of the page!

- I needed it yesterday!
Please contact us to see how we can make that happen - we can work miracles, and we'll explain the different options you can choose to make your wedding menus happen as fast as we can.

- How many design proofs do I get?
You'll get 1 first proof to check over and make changes to, and 1 final proof to approve for printing. Extra proofs after that do incur extra costs.

- I want guest names printed, can that be done?
Easy done! Just add guest name printing from the options when you place your order, and we'll email you the template to fill out for us to print guest names on your menus.

- Where are you located?
We are based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Our products are printed and made by us here in Perth. Thanks for supporting us, and ordering Australian made products!

- Can I collect my order? Yes, you can select at checkout “Studio pickup”, so you can pop in and grab your wedding menus as soon as they're ready!

Our studio location is:
The Lala Group,104 Edward Street, Perth
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Closed public holidays and weekend.

- We use Australia Post.
- Regular post within Australia – allow up to 3 weeks (With tracking)
- Express post within Australia - allow up to 1 week (Includes tracking)
- International shipping – allow up to 3 weeks
- Studio Pick up - The Lala Group,104 Edward Street, Perth – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Closed public holidays and weekend.

Customer Reviews

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Rae Brosnan

We recently ordered our wedding menus with Lala and the team at Paper & Ink Studio and they were wonderful to deal with! Their customer service was fantastic - they always responded to every email extremely quickly and also gave their suggestions and provided honest advice which I really appreciated it. Thanks Paper & Ink for being a pleasure to deal with. Couldn't recommend them enough! :)

Thank you so much lovely Rae for your amazing review and for appreciating our customer service! Love the Paper and Ink team, Lala, Anna and Kellie xo

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Let us take the hassle out of creating the perfect wedding menu.
With our gorgeous design collections, we've got something to suit every wedding theme, wedding colour palette or style; and this design is beautiful, isn't it? Here's a few tips and tricks on getting that menu perfect.

When writing your wedding menu wording, don't be scared to pare it back.
Or, you can ask us to! While there's a lot of space on our wedding menus, it's not infinite. So if your venue has given you paragraph long descriptions on the meal, consider breaking it down to the core components.

Something like "Freshly made semolina gnocchi with a rosemary, slow-roasted garlic sauce, traditional roasted chicken and locally made sundried tomatoes, dairy free" would then be Gnocchi, chicken, sundried tomatoes, rosemary & garlic sauce (DF) - which is short, sweet, and still includes all the necessary info! And if you're not confident on paring it back yourself, just let us know you need us to trim the fat and we'll work our magic.

The same rule applies to beverages, if you're including them on the menu.
All you need to include is the name of the brand, brewery or vineyard, the name of the beverage or type; you don't necessarily need to include the location it's made in or the particular vintner that made it.

For example, if you've got yourself a fancy little Los Vasco Cromas Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Gran Reserva, Maximiliano Correa, Chile, you can take that down to Los Vasco Cromas Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 - your fantastic waitstaff and barstaff will be more than happy to give those finer details to any guests that ask!

Think about those guest names, if you're having them printed on the menus.
Do you want to include full names - so first name and surname - or did you just want their first name? Are you including titles such as Mr, Mrs, Mx, Aunt, Uncle etc? And do you have a few guests with the same name on the same table?

Whatever you choose to go with, keep it consistent - all first names, or all full names. And for those scenarios where you've got 4 or 5 Sarah's on the same table (we've seen it before!) think about including the first initial of their surname if you've gone for only using first names for your menus - that way Sarah L, Sarah F, Sarah X, and Sarah G will all be at the right spot.

And if you need any help with your wedding menu wording, just sing out.
Hit us up with your menu questions by simply call, email or text!. And if you want a custom design quote for truly unique wedding menus, head to our custom design form or book yourself a consultation for some one-on-one time to work out your dream wedding menu design!