We've carefully curated some of our most popular wedding colour combinations and colour palettes to suit every wedding colour theme, from blush pink wedding colours to dusty blue palettes. We can also create custom wedding colours for all of your wedding stationery, so don't be shy - get in touch to discuss your dream wedding colours with us!


With the perfect neutral, nude tones and soft, not-quite-black, Blanche suits every elegant or romantic wedding theme perfectly.


Pink colour swatches in nude pink, tea rose pink, and dark rose pink to illustrate Paper and Ink Studio's Blushing pink wedding colour scheme

The delicate pink wedding colours of Blushing are sweet, romantic and won't make your blush pink wedding theme look like a Barbie-themed party.


The soft greens of Saged are the perfect match if you want a serene, calming nature wedding theme without adding florals.


Capture the breezy, relaxed feel of a holiday in the Hamptons with this classy wedding colour palette of chic blues and neutral shades.


Sienna is perfect when you want a touch of rustic beauty while still staying elegant - which means Sienna is perfect for any wedding.


Pyaar means sweetness, and there's nothing sweeter than this blush and burgundy wedding colour palette with it's perfect tea rose and peony shades.


Stormy's modern grey wedding palette is perfect for your urban or modern wedding theme without being too stark or dark; it's super stylish.


Lipstick is bright and bold, the perfect pink and red colour palette for lovers of vibrant wedding colours, and perfect for colourblocking.


Purple wedding themes don't have to be boring with our Spring palette with it's lavender, amethyst and not-too-bright mustard shades.


Indigo blue, white and mustard yellow colour swatches to illustrate a Paper and Ink Studio Azul or mediterranean wedding colour theme

The rich blue, crisp white and mustard of Azul's French Riviera colour theme will make you feel like you're on a beach, cocktail in hand. Bliss!


Warm terracotta, clay and neutral colour swatches to illustrate a Paper and Ink Studio Spiced or earthy wedding colour theme

If you're after an earthy wedding colour theme with a bit more punch than Sienna, Spiced is your perfect natural and warm colour palette.


Swatches in shades of green and soft grey to illustrate a Paper and Ink Studio Mossy wedding colour theme

Mossy is the perfect green wedding colour theme for those who love verdant tones and want a bit of nature in their wedding colours.


Warm grey colour swatches to illustrate a Paper and Ink Studio Greige wedding colour theme

Sophisticated grey-beige tones make for the perfect neutral wedding colour theme when you don't want pink or brown shades.

Black + White

Black and white colour swatches to illustrate a Paper and Ink Studio black and white wedding theme

Keep it simple with a black and white wedding colour theme. Crisp pure white and rich Onyx black will suit any style or theme.

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We're here to help! Chat to us with any question at all about your perfect wedding colour combination. You can even ask for our favourite places to eat, cocktails to drink, and about any weird shenanigans we get up to.

Choosing your wedding colours shouldn't be stressful.
Deciding on a wedding colour palette can be an overwhelming task, especially with all the beautiful wedding colour trends on offer! Social media and bridal magazines don't help with narrowing down the choice either; so here's some quick tips to make deciding on a wedding colour theme easy and stress-free.

First, look at your own personal style and colour preferences.
If you're the type of person who always goes for teals, greens and blues, a pink palette for your wedding day might make you and your love feel a bit disconnected from your wedding planning because it's not your usual style. If you're the types who love soft, elegant and neutral tones, neons probably won't be the wedding colours you gravitate to! So, before anything else, sit down and think about what your favourite colours are. What shades or tones bring you both joy and make you feel gorgeous when you're wearing them or looking at them? What colours did you both choose - or are choosing - to decorate your home together in? By sticking to your personal style and colour preference, you'll have a wedding colour palette that will make you both happy. And, even better, you won't feel like you're a puppet at your own wedding - everything will feel easy, comfortable, and beautiful.

Gather colour inspiration and experiment!
Once you've got a clearer idea of the colours, tones and shades that make you both happy, it's time to get some inspo. Head over and stalk us on our socials like Pinterest and Instagram, and wander through our Real Wedding blogs to see how our gorgeous couples have shown off their chosen colour palettes. Build a moodboard on Pinterest with your favourite pics, or even visit your local Spotlight or similar fabric store to grab some snippets of fabric in your favourite shades for colour inspiration.

And when you're happy that you've got all the inspiration pics and swatches you need, have a play around - pick a few colours and match them together to see how they look when you combine them. Play around as much as you want to get the wedding colour palette of your dreams - we recommend choosing one main shade and then at least two secondary shades.

Check how your wedding colours suit your venues.
Once you've nailed down your wedding colours, the next step is to see how they work with your venues: if, for instance, your wedding is decked out in autumn tones, you may need to adjust the colours you've picked so they work better with the furniture, wall and floor colours. It might be a tiny shift like swapping a lighter shade for something a bit darker; or swapping the main colour for one of your secondary shades for signage. Think about how your wedding colours can be used for your wedding ceremony venue and your wedding reception venue - will you need to use the stronger colours in your table settings and signage, or will the lighter colours look better? Do you want to go for a contrast effect where the lighter shades will be used for your welcome sign and Order of the Day cards at the ceremony, then flip the script and use the darker versions of your wedding colours for your wedding menus, table numbers and placecards? How will the wedding flowers and table linens look with those colours next to them? There's a lot to think about but it's worth doing so to make sure everything looks perfect on your wedding day.

Keep it simple and have fun!
If you're a lover of colour like we are, it can be tempting to go absolutely bonkers and include every single shade you want - but that's going to give you absolute grief trying to get every single colour you want into your wedding styling and wedding stationery. So we definitely advise sticking to a core trio of colours - your main colour, the one that will be used for wedding party outfits, flowers, table linens, and a good portion of your stationery - and then two secondary colours that can be used for accents in your decor, flowers, the writing on your wedding stationery, tableware etc. We've crafted our colour palettes around this 1 main, 2 secondary colour principle - and you can see how stunning it looks across a full set of stationery by having a peek at our Colour Collection!

Don't be afraid to reach out and talk to us about having a custom colour palette created for you.
Send us a quick email, text or give us a buzz - you'll find all our contact deets here. Or get us all to yourselves in person or via video call by booking a consultation for some one-on-one wedding stationery advice! We're here to make your wedding planning life as stress-free and easy as possible and we're always happy to chat. You can also get the ball rolling by getting a custom quote from us!