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Squealing and smiling have become part of your daily routine, you’ve started following every single wedding supplier on Instagram, and have become obsessed with trawling Pinterest! You’re still on cloud nine, constantly gazing at that bedazzling sparkling rock on your finger (careful it doesn’t blind you).

Congratulations, gorgeous! You’re getting married to the love of your life. Let’s celebrate your love finally putting a ring on it with an engagement party!

This is where all the wedding planning begins. We know, the thought of planning either excites you or makes you groan – or perhaps a bit of both, but don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the journey. Let’s start with your engagement party invites, shall we?

Choosing a unique engagement party invite can be REALLY FUN and easy – we pinky promise! Read more from the stationery queens at Paper & Ink Studio to find out how.

Stand by your style preferences

It might be a no-brainer, but if you’re getting married there’s a likely chance you know your sweetheart. You know whether they’re an early riser or night owl, how they take their caffeine hit and their stance on pineapple on pizza (and if they do like pineapple on their pizza, you love them anyway).

But what about their style preferences? Do they match yours?

Find out with some style questions:

· Do we prefer classy and elegant with cursive writing?

· What are our thoughts on a touch of floral?

· Do we want to incorporate our favourite flowers?

· Is monochrome more our thing?

· Do we want big and bold? Or small and simple?

Take your theme on a test drive

Have you been dreaming of your big day since the day they popped the big question?

Let’s be real, you’ve probably been dreaming of your big day since you witnessed your first wedding as a child and began putting white sheets over your head and “marrying” your school friends. We get it (we’d love to see photos if you’ve still got them).

Colours and themes may already be floating around in your head or within that Pinterest Board of yours. Why leave all that to your big day, when you can give your theme a test drive?

Give your loved ones a delicious taste of what your wedding theme may be with your engagement party - this can even start with your invitation.


· Finetune your colour palette – big and bold colours? Dark or light? Sweet and subtle?

· Reflect on what your engagement party and/or wedding will be like - will it be a relaxed, backyard event? A formal sit-down dinner? Or maybe an upscale cocktail party?

· Consider different themes – Classic? Bohemian? Botanical? Glamourous? Modern? Romantic? Rustic?

· Decide on a design style - Chic and sophisticated? Classic and traditional? Casual and fun?

Include what makes you unique as a couple

An engagement party is all about celebrating the great love you and your fiancée share. And because there is no other love like yours, it’s unique!

Make your invites unique too - include some of the little quirks, warm fuzzies and humorous references that make you unique as a couple.

Have a funny story about how you met? Share the same weird and wacky hobby? Is there a running joke about you both as a couple? All these little things can help make your invite unique.

Adding personality to your engagement party invite can be in the form of wording (who doesn’t love the power of a good pun) or visuals, like graphics or caricatures.

Here at Paper & Ink Studio, we have all the engagement invite styles in a range of different collections, so you’re bound to find one right for you.

Want something really unique? We can even help you design your very own engagement party invites with our custom design service.

No matter what you choose, we’re here to guide you through your journey, making your wedding day and everything leading up to it exciting and stress-free. Just think of us as your wedding planning besties (we’ve got you babe).

Let’s plan one of the best days of your life. It all starts with an invitation... Explore our ready to order engagement invites today.

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