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Tips to make your wedding more eco-friendly

Weddings are magical occasions; however, they can also end up being very wasteful. This doesn’t need to be the case though! There are many eco-friendly wedding choices you can make to reduce the waste of your event.


It’s important to us at Lala Design that you have eco-friendly options when choosing your beautiful wedding stationery. We offer a range of recycled and sustainable paper stocks for your invitations, as well as the option of websites for your guests to RSVP through.

Andrea & Trent's Wedding Stationery

Andrea and Trent’s invitations are printed on Bio Cycle paper in wheat colour. This stock replaces up to 50% of the classic wood-based material with wheat straw and contains 5% unprocessed straw, giving it a smooth finish with visible flecks throughout the sheet.

Tyler & Cameron's Wedding Stationery

Tyler and Cameron’s invitations are printed on Indie Handmade paper, which is individually made by hand from 100% recycled cotton rag, available in Lily White and Kohl colours with a soft natural feel.


It can be hard to know where to start when looking for wedding vendors, especially if you want to maximise your eco-friendliness. We’ve found 4 amazing Perth wedding vendors for you who are dedicated to making your wedding dreams come true while being environmentally friendly.

For the flowers…

More than just a wedding florist, Miller Rose Botanic specialises in plant hire, headpieces, and wedding florals, using local, seasonal flowers as much as possible.

For the food…

Dedicated to minimising their negative environmental impact without sacrificing quality of food or service, Standing Fork is the mobile caterer that will create the wedding menu of your dreams.

For the dress…

Little Bird Bridal has a huge range of pre-loved gowns that prove that your perfect dress doesn’t need to be brand new.

For the decor…

For couples wanting the magical ‘wedding exit’ photos without using rice or confetti, Petals x Bonbons’ wedding confetti flowers are the perfect alternative. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they smell great too, which is even better than confetti.


Celebrate the Earth while you celebrate your wedding with these 5 tips to have a sustainable wedding.

1. Opt for plated dinners or ask your caterer about saving leftovers from the buffet to reduce food waste.
2. Dress your ceremony and reception with recycled, reusable, rented, or second-hand décor.
3. Create an eco-friendly registry or ask for charitable donations instead of gifts.
4. Give edible wedding favours (like loose leaf tea!) or, our personal favourite, gift your guests with mini potted plants or seeds to plant something beautiful.
5. Set up a online RSVP website instead of having a paper post back one. Save on paper and postage.

Some of these decisions may seem inconsequential, but combining many small choices over time builds up to bigger results. Being conscious in all your wedding decisions creates a ripple effect, and every bit counts when we’re trying to do our part for the earth!

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